5 events that are great for bubble football


Bubble football is probably something you’ve never done before. And I can promise you it’s fun and hilarious and will give a whole new dimension to this sports game. You are basically wearing an inflated suit out on the field. It’s a super fun way to enjoy the game of football bouncing. The one rule that is different with normal sport activities is you can push and rollover your opponent. The good thing is it won’t hurt. It’s hilarious to do yourself but also to watch people playing.  With bubble football you can create a cool and fun event that’s way more intense than normal. Here are some ideas what events you should use it for.

Family day
When you are organizing family day, but you don’t have any idea what to do except for the usual drinks and snacks read on. Family day is a great way to get together, after a long period of time you see your loved ones again while the children get to know each other too. There are tons of options to make this day complete, with bubble football you will have a laugh and a fun and sporty activity. Bubble football allows bumps and pushing, without having to feel anything. This ability often leads to hilarious situations when you see your friends or family bounce over. Try it out and get buybubblefootball.com here human bubble ball for sale.

tagTeam building
If you are busy organizing a team building day for you and your colleagues choose activities where different skills are required so everyone can use their talents. If your company needs a stronger team you can make it happen with bubble football. The bubble ball is perfect as part of a team building program or activity. Other fun activities are inflatable archery games. You can get archery tag arrows for sale. After the game it’s always a good idea to have a drink or dinner together and talk about the team building activities.

Students party
A warm welcome with nice decorated tables make the atmosphere at any student party great. However nice decoration might not be enough, so don’t forget to add some festive activities! Some student parties are pretty standard and can get boring because there’s not enough to do. But with a bubble ball or Human Hamster Ball you bring so much more fun and excitement. A way to break the ice and play sports in an exciting way!


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