5 Effective Ways to Save Money on Grocery


It is a very well-known fact that food and grocery consume a big part of monthly budget. So, if your hands are tight and you are looking for ways to save money, target your grocery expenditure. Even a small percentage of saving will have a significant effect on your overall budget. So, let us have a look at some practical ways to save money on grocery.

  1. Shop During Sales

Nowadays, you will always find few sales going on considering the kind of competition between companies and e-stores. All you need to do is find about the deals little early, mark your calendar and manage your stocks in such a way that you know what exactly you need to buy. Managing groceries in this fashion will ensure not only reasonable prices but avoid over-stocking.

  1. Use A List Or Catalogue

Lists, catalogues, pamphlets are best ways to find cheap deals. For instance, you may use the Aldi catalogue, which provides you with the list of various products along with discounted prices. Many times, such catalogue have product combos with more discounted price. So, always get a list or catalogue when you’re visiting a grocery store as it can help you save a lot.

  1. Maintain A Price Book

Prices of vegetables and fruits are seasonal. If you want to buy an apple in an off-season, be sure to pay a premium (double) rate. Though tiresome, it would be beneficial to maintain a price book as it will help you gather the data of products during on-season and off-season. Once you have the data with you, you can make a smart decision by stocking up vegetables/fruits in your refrigerator which otherwise would be costly during off-seasons. Of course, you cannot stock banana or tomatoes for even a month due to its short lifespan, but you can stock peas, sweet-corns etc.

  1. Plan Your Menus Sensibly

The menu should be optimized in such a way that it is made up of the ingredients which are seasonal. Though, having an off-seasonal menu once a while doesn’t hurt your pocket but always preparing off-season dishes will hamper your budget and health. So make a smart choice by buying seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  1. Switch Brands If And When Required

Sticking to the same brand was considered as a good practice a few years back, but it isn’t the same anymore. It would be wise to use the same company brand for your hair shampoo and conditioner, but you should avoid applyting the same purchasing habit for your other products like clothes, kitchware etc. Once you get habituated to using a product from a single brand, you become ready to pay even higher rates. To overcome this practice switch brands if it offers the same quality at lower price.

While saving on groceries might look a difficult task, following these simple steps can be of great help in serving the purpose.

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