5 biggest fashion trends of spring 2020

fashion trends of spring 2020

With the blink of an eye, you will see the fashion world is coming up with different and new trends. Here, every season offers different fashion trends that can be followed. Among them is the spring that is providing the latest fashion looks in the form of styles, colors, and accessories.

According to fashion stylist Julia Nikitina…..fashion trend does not mean that you need to buy any expensive outfit or go only with designer wear. You just need to be aware of these present fashion trends and upgrade your attires accordingly.

E.g. – You can capture black color or any black style for your outfit. This can surely include leather boots, heels, cardigans, or even opt for a chic black lacy blouse.

Fashion trends of spring 2020 –

Spring 2020 has come up with new and amazing fashion trends. It is beautiful and can be followed without a second thought over it. Below are the 5 fashion trends of spring 2020 –

1 – The Disco Collar:

The name itself shows that it must be some old fashion of the late 30′ 50′, but the spring season proves that it is still in fashion. You just need to adopt it with different styles and colors to offer a new look.

These collars can be worn on jackets and coats that have colorful, beige, and soft-colored sweaters and shirts beneath. The disco collars are long and triangular fitted on your coat, creating a gorgeous look to be fashionable in your way.

Coats and jackets can be seen in all colors and lengths, with these disco collars on them to give you a bossy look all the time!

2 – Neon Colours:

These vibrant colors add life to any attire worn. Neon colors have been too much visible in Spring 2020. Models wearing beautiful neon outfits look amazing and different from the other lot.

There are many other designers and collections to be seen in spring 2020, but it will not be a surprise seeing these colors providing the fashion trend. They are enough to enchant people with their bright and shocking colors. The highlighted part of these neon colors is that it offers a look to a simple outfit. It changes the simplicity.

The fashion trend of neon colors is going to continue to other future seasons as well and the best part is that it will not fade off!

3 – Suit Shorts:

We all have hears and seen Short suits, but what about suit shorts? A new fashion trend for spring 2020! These shorts are above the knees, cut, and lean offering a graceful and elegant look.

You can very well confidently dress these shorts by sleek back hair, sporting a tie, and also go for dazzling upper wear. The best part of these suit shorts or short suits is that it is afresh trend and different from the rest outfits.

You can have a boyish look and brings out the best and gorgeous look in you.

4 – Bra Tops:

Choose your favorite colors for your feminity! Yes, you can go for a floral bra top with pastel colors. It can be complemented with a jet-black leather skirt or any other attire that suits it to give you a different look. Bra tops offer you the freedom to flaunt your body and be proud of it. You can say that it is one of the amazing fashion trends in spring 2020.

Available in different colors, you need to just alter it with different styles and needs. It is like a blank canvas where you need to fill it with your favorite colors based on your preferences.

5 – Waistcoats:

Waistcoats are mostly adaptable for men, but in spring 2020 a new and different version of fashion trend could be seen. Women too can adopt these waistcoats and in a much smarter way. The outfit includes a waistcoat, hot pants and a short bag on the side to be highlighted.

If you pair the waistcoat with lengthy shirts or sleeveless upper wear, it will too add the grace to the total outfit. To mention waistcoats offer that confident and lovely look, by changing your aura. You can indeed carry it where you need it to enhance yourself.


Spring 2020 offers many other trending and fashionable looks like the cut-out outfits, dresses, and feathery tops to dominate the expensive and useless outfits.

The important part of any trending fashion in any season is that you must be comfortable, confident, and can mold the outfit according to your requirements. This is fashion. It comes and goes, but it is vital to experiment with the current trends to create a unique and different look for yourself.



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