5 Best Additions you can Make to your Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a home. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not pay much attention to it. Homeowners rarely think about renovating the kitchen as long as all the appliances are working properly. In fact, the kitchen is often a small and congested room while all other rooms are spacious. If you have not been paying much attention to your kitchen, here are some simple addition ideas that will give it a completely different look.

1. Cabinets and Storage Spaces

Do you have enough storage space in your kitchen? The room will look better if you can store some of the foodstuff and appliances in cabinets or drawers. The size and number of cabinets will depend on the available space. If you have old and worn out cabinets, consider replacing them with new cabinets with modern designs.

2. New Appliances

The tradition in many homes is to replace an appliance after it is broken. If you have the same electric kettle or refrigerator that you bought ten years ago, you need to upgrade to modern appliances. Your kitchen will still look old and outdated if you repaint it without changing the appliances. Modern appliances will also improve the process of preparing meals.

3. A Window

You may end up with a kitchen with no windows if you are not careful during the construction process. If you are a renting a house, every other room may seem perfect with direct sunlight except the kitchen. Adding a small window will change the outlook of the room because of the natural sunlight. Pick the right wall to demolish so that the kitchen has light and fresh air throughout the day.

4. Garbage Disposal System

How do you dispose garbage from your kitchen? In most cases, litter from all other rooms is disposed of in a huge bin in the kitchen. You will always have a smelly and stuffy kitchen. If this is the case in your home, consider adding a new garbage disposal system. This can really change the way you feel about waste in the home. It is always advisable to separate waste. Have a system like the one Morris Jenkins offers, that enables you to separate oily food wastes from other waste.

5. Lighting

Adding a window is one way of improving the lighting in your kitchen. However, if you already have enough windows and the lighting is still poor, consider adding new lights. You can replace dim bulbs with brighter bulbs or add new bulbs in the dark areas. Ensure that all work surfaces, including the countertops, are well lit. Under-cabinet lights can help you improve the lighting on the countertops.


Choose the best additions from this list based on the current features in your kitchen. The right additions will also depend on your budget. If you are working with a limited budget, consider adding one item every month. You will have a different kitchen at the end of the year if you work on the additions consistently. Do not shy away from demolishing old features and replacing them with modern sleek features. It’s a smart investment.

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