5 Benefits To Hiring A Wedding Makeup Artist

Hiring a make up artist for your wedding is often something a lot of people consider but it’s hard to know whether you should do it. We asked Francesca of Bridal makeup Kent what she had to say about it. You can see the benefits below.

  1. Be free of stress on your special day.

This might be the biggest benefit of all when it comes to hiring a makeup artist to help you get ready on your wedding day.  The day of your wedding will most definitely be busy and there could be a few unexpected things that come up, so don’t allow your appearance to be something you have to worry about.  You don’t want to have to worry about getting your eyeliner one straight while trying to make sure the cake gets delivered to the reception on time.  When you hire a makeup artist for your special day, you can relax and allow somebody else to pamper you (at least for the time it takes to get your makeup put on)!  Prior to the day of your wedding, your makeup artist will most likely want to you meet with you so a trial run can be done of your makeup to ensure that you get the exact look that you want.  This will help to ensure that your makeup is done exactly how you would like it to be and in a timely fashion on your special day.

  1. Ensure That The Proper Colors Are Selected

Makeup artists study the proper selection and art of colors.  From the right foundation and lip colors to the proper eye shadows, makeup artists have the knowledge to know how to select the colors that will look the best on you that takes into consideration your unique coloring.  On your wedding day you most likely will be photographed more than on any other day of your entire life, so you definitely want to have on flattering makeup!  Also, most people’s necks are darker in color than their faces.  Makeup artists know how to blend your makeup so that the differences are hidden so that on your special day you will have a more natural appearance.


  1. Ensure That the Finest Quality Products Are Used

Since applying cosmetics is what makeup artists do for a living, a majority of them have a kit that is well stocked with expensive and high quality products that have been designed for degrees of flexibility and wearability that you might not be able to afford on your own.  I am a makeup artist, and I always have my kit fully stocked with makeup that has been designed to look incredible when photographed by the high definition cameras that are most often used on brides for their wedding photos.  When you hire a makeup artist to help you on your wedding day, you will have access to many products that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise in addition to having it professionally applied.


  1. Your Makeup Will Be Properly Applied

Professional makeup artists practice their art of applying makeup on a daily basis.  They learned the proper techniques for applying makeup and have worked on numerous different faces.  If you have not studied how to properly apply makeup and are not a makeup artist yourself, then you might not be achieving the best results that you could be.  When you hire a makeup artist to help you on your wedding day, it gives you the chance to still look like yourself but a flawless version of you.


  1. Ensures That Your Makeup Is Long Lasting

High quality products are used by makeup artists for your hair or lace wigs to help ensure they will last all day and night.  When a makeup artist is hired to help on your wedding day, you won’t need to worry that your makeup will wear off during the wedding festivities.  Makeup artists make use of specialty products such as powders, sprays and primers to provide you with long lasting makeup on your special day.

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