5 Accessories Every Biker Has To Have

leather jacket

The most important thing about being a biker is having an awesome motorcycle everyone admires. However, a cool two-wheeler is not the only thing that makes a rider. In order to fully embrace this unique lifestyle and dominate the biker dating scene in your town, you need to be properly dressed and have cool accessories. Therefore, if you really wish to look awesome during your rides, make sure to acquire these 5 essential and fashionable items.

Leather Boots

In theory, you can ride your motorcycle in shoes, sneakers, even your slippers, but it’s not recommended. Not only that it’s not safe, but it looks rather ridiculous. So, it’s safe to say that leather boots are the only proper footwear for riding a two-wheeler. Why leather? Well, there are two reasons. First of all, they are safe and they provide you with much-needed support and grip. Secondly, these boots are much more fashionable than regular sneakers. Therefore, if you want to be a successful rider and look badass, make sure to get yourself a pair of black leather boots.

Gloves That Will Match Your Outfit

People don’t give gloves enough credit. They are the most underrated piece of riding equipment out there. This is a huge mistake because gloves can have a rather important role, especially during long rides. They will warm your hands while protecting them from nasty blisters. Also, this accessory provides riders with necessary friction which allows them to handle their machines with ease. When it comes to fashion, a pair of gloves that are matching the entire outfit will make you look extremely attractive and stylish.

Leather Jacket

Most people say that a mean leather jacket is one of the most important accessories every biker has to have in order to look representable. We agree with this statement! Not only that it is important for an overall appearance, but it also keeps a rider warm and protected from wind and rain. Combine your jacket with your jeans/pants and gloves and you’ll impress everyone by the side of the road.

Sunglasses And Bandana

In order to achieve the full biker look, you simply have to acquire some cool shades and a badass bandana. Besides being fashionable details, these two accessories are actually rather practical, especially sunglasses. They will protect your eyes from debris and insects during your rides while making you look extremely cool. There you have it, two very compelling reasons to get yourself an awesome pair of sunglasses.

Silver Jewelry

As you probably already know, real bikers don’t like gold, at least not in the form of jewelry. This is why most of them wear silver chains, rings, and necklaces. Silver jewelry goes perfectly with a black leather outfit, so if you want to impress singles and other bikers in your town, make sure to get yourself some high-quality gems. This particular accessory doesn’t have a practical use, but it may positively affect your confidence and improve your status among fellow riders.



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