4 Ways You Can Re-Wear Your Homecoming Dress

Homecoming Dress

There are a number of occasions that your homecoming dress can see the light of day again and it does not have to be at another formal occasion. On top of the list of reasons to wear your homecoming dress again is: you deserve to wear a gorgeous dress every once in a while and feel like a princess again.

Here are a few recommendations on how you can re-wear your homecoming dress:

1. Mix and match.

The idea of mixing and matching items in your closet will always be a sensible concept, as long as you make fashionable choices. Adding layers can create a less formal appeal. You can opt for a jacket, blazer, sweater, cardigan, or flannel to create layers.

You can go for an edgy vibe and top your dress off with a t-shirt or you can tie a sweater around your waist for a chic look. A collared shirt or a lacy top worn under a strapless homecoming dress can give it a whole new look. Wearing a stylish leather jacket on top of your long gown will make for a gorgeous ensemble for a fancy night out with your friends or special someone.

2. Try different accessories.

Any homecoming outfit, whether it’s a formal dress that you can visit and shop at Peaches Boutique or a casual ready-to-wear ensemble from a boutique near you, can take on an entirely new look when you use different accessories with it. When you re-wear the dress, you can skip the more formal jewellery and opt for earrings, necklace, or bracelets that have a more casual appeal. You can even opt to go without any jewellery at all.

Simplify your choice of other accessories as well. Don’t bring the formal clutch that matches your dress but replace it with a less formal purse. Ditch the tiara and embellished head accessories and instead wear a beanie or a fun hat. You can also add gloves or wear a scarf to complete the ensemble.

3. Wear casual footwear.

Now that homecoming season is over, you don’t need to keep wearing the pair of heels you previously wore with your homecoming dress. To make a more casual appeal, you can wear your dress with a cute pair of sneakers or boots. You can also opt for flats or sandals. Make sure that you choose footwear that are in sync with the season. Wearing footwear that is appropriate for the weather will keep you comfortable so you can enjoy yourself more.

Homecoming Dress

4. Cut and create!

This may be a recommendation that only the adventurous souls will be able to attempt. Dresses can be altered to create a completely different look. For example, if you want to re-wear just the flowing bottom part of your dress, you can have it cut and re-worked into a maxi skirt. However, unless you are a master with the needles and threads, we suggest that you employ the assistance of a qualified seamstress so that you don’t end up with scraps of damaged fabric. This is especially important if you have a complicated homecoming dress to start with. But, if the dress is easy to manage, like those created from fitted jersey fabric, then go ahead, cut and create!

When we talk about homecoming dresses, people usually assume that you only get to wear it once and that’s not a good thing because you did spend an ample amount for this particular dress. Fortunately, that can only be true if you decide not to wear the outfit again, because you actually can and as many times as you wish to.

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