4 Ways To Co-ordinate Colour

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The colours you choose to wear can carry a lot of significance. Certain colours can slim you, bring out your eyes or make you appear more confident, whilst others may be practical for certain times of the year. Here are four ways that you make better use of colour when choosing an outfit.

Bring out your physical attributes

Colours can do a lot to enhance our physical appearance by helping to bring out positive qualities.

A popular way of co-ordinating colour is to match your eye colour. If you have blue eyes, a blue outfit could help your eyes to pop. That said, complimentary colours can be just as effective (orange clothing can also help to bring out blue eyes as orange sits opposite blue on the colour wheel).

Colour can also be used to compliment your skin tone. Burgundy can be great at providing a contrast if you have exceptionally dark or exceptionally pale skin, but might not be so impactful for those with a more neutral skin tone. This is also the case with hair colour.

Certain colours can also be used to help you appear slimmer and bring out your curves. Blacks and dark colours are most notable examples of this, whilst orange is best avoided as it’s thought to pile on the pounds.

Get seasonal

Your clothing can also be used to reflect the season. For example, reds and browns and oranges are great in the autumn, whilst pinks and purples are traditionally a more summer-related colour. Some women’s colourful collections can be worn all year round, whilst other retailers may adhere to more specific colour codes. Certain events throughout the year might also have colours related to them – Christmas is a great time for bringing out red and green combinations.

Dress for the temperature

The colour of your clothing can also have an effect on your body temperature. Dark clothing absorbs the heat and so will make you much hotter on a sunny day. However, dark clothing can be great in the winter for preserving warmth.

Use colour psychology

The colour of your clothing can also be used to influence people’s opinion by suggesting certain things about your personality. If you’re going on a first date or a job interview, you might be able to sway someone over by dressing in black. This colour suggests confidence, making it great in many situations. Red is another favourite colour that can symbolise passion and sex appeal, although it can also suggest arrogance and aggression in some contexts (many men choose not to wear it on a first date for this reason). Blue is a more calming colour suitable for many contexts – it suggests credibility and coolness. That said, if you’re entering a debate you might not want to wear blue.

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