4 Tips To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

Getting your hair extensions fitted by a salon guarantees that they look fabulous over the next few weeks. However, what truly makes your hair stand out after that sweet spot is how well you care for them. Getting quality real hair extensions from a trusted platform such as Cliphair extensions should be the first step in your quest for hair extensions that last longer. Moving forward, to take care of your pricey wefts, pay attention to the four tips given below that are sure to make your hair extensions last longer:

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Minimise Heat Styling

Frequent heat styling is the number one reason why hair extensions get damaged. Whether you use tape-ins, clip-ins, or nano ring hair extensions, each type is vulnerable to excessive heat, and prolonged heat damage will result in your extensions looking dull.

To make them last longer, you need to minimise heat styling and use a heat protectant whenever you use a hair styling tool such as a curler, straightener, or blow dryer. You also need to condition your extensions every week to ensure their shine.

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Wash Extensions Correctly

Not washing hair extensions right after their use is one of the biggest mistakes that shorten their life. Your hair extension washing routine should consist of lukewarm water, a gentle sulphate-free shampoo, a high shine conditioner, and a wide tooth comb.

Be sure not to rub them too much, be gentle, and comb them before and after washing to ensure zero instances of tangling. Also, be sure to only air dry your hair extensions instead of using a blow dryer.


Take Care While You Sleep

If you are using semi-permanent or permanent hair extensions, you have to sleep with them in your hair every day. To keep tangling and knotting at a bare minimum, be sure to use a silk pillowcase and put your hair in a low ponytail using a silk scrunchie.

You can also opt for a loose french braid to ensure your hair stays put in a place while the silk pillowcase minimises frizz and ensures moisture.

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Brush Your Hair Daily

Brushing your hair daily should get more credit than it already does, as brushing contributes to making your hair (and hair extensions!) naturally healthy. By brushing your hair every morning and evening, you ensure that no knots are building up in your hair extensions and that their cuticles aren’t getting damaged with extended use.

Be sure to use a soft bristled hairbrush or a paddle brush to do so. Also, take great care to not brush your hair while they are wet.


Caring for your hair extensions is no rocket science – few steps are so basic that they might even become habitual after some time. There is no point in purchasing pricey extensions and paying hundreds of dollars at the salon getting them fitted only to not care for them and need to get them replaced a few months after. Hence, pay heed to the above-mentioned tips to ensure that your hair extension lasts long.


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