4 Tips To Get Used To Your Hearing Aid Quickly

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If you have hearing issues, you might buy a hearing aid to sort out the problem. But when you put it on the first time, you may not get the clear quality sound you were hoping for. However, there is no need for disappointment since this is to be expected. A person usually takes a couple of weeks to get used to the device. And there are ways to get through the acclimatization process much quicker. Below, we look at four such ways.

Use A Quiet Room The First Time

When starting to use hearing aids, it is recommended that you begin in a quiet room. Preferably, close the doors so that no outside noise gets in. Put on your device and you will start hearing the noises of the things inside the room, whether it is the ticking clock or the noise of your fan. It is possible that you might find the noise to be too loud. If so, adjust the volume of the device until you reach a comfortable sound level. Once you are okay with the noises in the room, you can start conversing with your family members.

Talk To Family 

At least for the first few days, it is better to only use the device while talking to your family members. Firstly, you will have an easier time deciphering their words since their voices are something you will already be familiar with. Secondly, you may have to adjust your head position or the controls of your hearing aid in order to begin hearing human noises correctly. And it can be quite awkward to do this in front of strangers. Hence, talking to your family members is the best way to train yourself to correctly hear human speech.

Use For A Few Hours

You should only wear the hearing aid for a few hours each day when starting out with the device according to Blue Angels Hearing. Ideally, use them when you are conversing with others, and remove them when you are alone, doing nothing. You can keep increasing the number of hours you wear the device slowly so that eventually you are comfortable wearing the hearing aid all through your waking hours.

Try Out Audio Books

A good exercise to quickly get used to the device is to use audiobooks. Run the recording of your favorite book while reading the book at the same time. By constantly reading the words and hearing those exact words, your ears will be trained to correctly hear human speech through the device.

Follow the above suggestions, and you will quickly get a grasp of the device and will soon be comfortable using the hearing aid. However, if you still face issues after a week or two, you may have to replace the device. Need to know more? Here are 5 things a first time hearing aid user should expect.

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