4 Tips For Wearing Inspiring Lingerie

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Sadly, not all lingerie pieces (especially the sexiest ones) is made for everyone; no matter what the “one size fits all” packaging says. Intimate apparel is intimate for a reason – it is specifically made for two people to enjoy a little sizzling excitement. With your permission, here are a few principles about choosing “you” lingerie.

  1. Body Shape

Clearly, figuring out what your body shape is makes buying fashion a lot easier. Are your hips larger than your tummy? Are your thighs and rear larger than your top? Your body shape may resemble a pear. Of course, you may be an “apple” if your chest is larger than your hips and thighs, which are usually more toned than your middle. There’s no shame in having these body types, as knowing which “fruit” you are helps you buy the most flattering lingerie style you may find. Have you ever seen a guy about 5’ who wore a button-down sleeved shirt two sizes too big for him? He looked like a dwarf, didn’t he? The same concept applies to buying lingerie: knowing your shape prevents you from embarrassing yourself.

  1. Does It Work?

Now that your body shape is out of the way, it’s time to look for lingerie styles that work. When I was new to the fascinating world of lingerie, my poor soul thought lingerie was all about lace and fishnet stockings. The beauty of these classics is that they compliment other styles. There are select choices that absolutely flatter body shapes that deviate from the traditional styles of lingerie that’s been sported by Victoria’s Secret for generations. By the same token, there are also styles that look horrendous with certain body shapes. Here’s a brief guide of suggestions that may help you out:

  • Tall body shapes can play up their long limbs with garter belts, corsets, or bustiers
  • Athletic shapes benefit greatly from push-up bras, thongs or sheer slips
  • Curvy shapes can be played up with plunging necklines, rompers with cutouts and lace dresses
  1. How To Get Comfortable Quickly

A really quick way to feel comfortable in your newly-bought hot lingerie is to wear it underneath your “socially acceptable” clothes. You could be wearing a suit to work, sweats out grocery shopping, or a simple tee and shorts while you’re soaking in the sun on the patio. Wearing your new sexy lingerie beneath everday clothes gets you more comfortable with yourself, especially if you’ve never done this before. (Plus, you may even feel a bit naughtier than usual… which can feel oh so good, having this giant secret no one but you and your sweetie know about.)

  1. Be Yourself

Do you enjoy being a little devil that loves teasing? Own it while you’re wearing lingerie! Lingerie was designed to make intimate experiences more fun. This fashion style is not a scorecard of your abilities of turning someone else on. Yes, it’s fun, and that’s what we’d be wise to remember about lingerie: it’s about having fun while being ourselves – whoever we are.


Remember: there is no “right” lingerie; just because it looks good on someone else, does not mean it will make you feel sexier about yourself. This is a key point to remember: whatever piece you ultimately have your eye on, it’s worth remembering that no price tag or size is worth more than how you feel about yourself in what you’re wearing. That goes for all fashion beyond the sizzling world of lingerie.

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