4 Skincare Tips For The Working Woman


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a challenge for anyone, especially when one or the other half of the equation takes up a lot more time out of our day than we’d like. It’s especially difficult for working women to balance their careers with maintaining a healthy lifestyle where cosmetics are concerned – thanks to the stresses of work life and the myth that organic & natural beauty products aren’t worth the cost.

Consider these four tips when planning your roadmap to the flawless complexion you deserve:

  1. Trust the Professionals

When it comes to the health and wellness of a person’s skin, there’s a reason why expert advice is best heeded. It’s generally a bad idea to accept everything you read on the Internet without a grain of salt, and hearsay is no substitute for a professional evaluation of your situation.

Use only the most reputable sources on the ‘net when looking up the answers to your questions and concerns. Or, better yet, take the effort to visit your nearest dermatologist and talk through your best options for better skincare. One or two quick trips will save you a lot on suboptimal skincare habits.

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  1. Go for Organic

To lead a truly healthy lifestyle, some attention has to be paid to the different chemicals we apply on, or let into our bodies. The kinds of chemicals found in many skincare products may leave you looking great for a while, but these things can take their toll on a person’s complexion with prolonged use. Natural beauty products are less likely to contain artificial compounds linked to higher risks of trouble with the liver and kidney.

Healthy eating can do wonders for youthful looks as well, as many experts would attest. Staying away from junk food and excessive amounts of any kind of nutrient will make sure your dietary habits don’t compound with the adverse impact of working life. Just make sure not to be overly skeptical about things, and you’ll be set.

  1. Use a Gentle Touch

At the end of a long day at work, frustrations can understandably run high. One sure-fire way to make your situation worsens is by taking that frustration out on your own face.

Rubbing your eyes or temples are a one-way ticket to Wrinkles-ville, and a bad habit that’s all too easy to develop. If you’re the type who needs to release their pent-up energy and stress through physical means, invest in a stress ball or any one of the fidget devices that have recently boomed in popularity.

Similar advice applies to your nightly facial hygiene routine. Using too much pressure when applying your nightly skin creams or facial wash can lead to wrinkle formation just as bad as if you were rubbing your face. Keep things gentle and your skin will thank you for it later on.

  1. Moisturizer is ALWAYS a Good Idea

There’s no bigger lifesaver in the market than good old moisturizer. Dry skin is one of the most noticeable and most persistent cosmetic issue that the average person faces, and comes with a host of disruptive symptoms such as flaking and peeling, and even bleeding in bad cases.

Moisturizer is essential in combating dry skin, and its benefits run even deeper when you invest in ones that double as sunscreen, or come bundled with essential nutrients and other substances that add value.

Working life is hard enough without considering the impact it can have on your health, but there are ways for the successful woman to overcome these situations. Take charge of your health, and follow these tips to a brighter complexion.

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