4 Simple Tricks To Speed Up An Old iPhone

Phone technology moves fast and new iPhones are released on an almost yearly basis. Some people make the upgrade whenever a new phone comes out, but they come with a big price tag and not everybody can afford to do that. If you want to save money and be less wasteful, you might decide to make do with your old iPhone for the time being. However, old phones will start to slow down and become frustrating to use after a while but before you make the upgrade, you should look into ways to speed it up. These are the best ways to speed up an old iPhone.

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Manage Your Storage

The most common reason that an old phone runs slowly is that the storage is filled up. If you can manage your storage and delete some items off the phone, you should notice a big difference. Firstly, start moving any photos and videos that you want to keep onto your iCloud. If you are out of storage on your iCloud, there’s no need to pay for an upgrade. Instead, check out https://backlightblog.com/icloud-storage-full/ for some handy tips on clearing some space so you can move things from the phone to the cloud. This will free up plenty of storage and hopefully, speed the phone up.

If your iCloud still doesn’t have enough space, you can use IOTransfer, which is a great app that allows you to easily move files from your phone onto the computer. Once you have moved everything that you want to keep off the phone, you need to look through and clear any unwanted apps, photos and videos.

Update Your Apps

Sometimes, apps run slowly because they need updating, not because the phone is slow. If you find that you have trouble with particular apps, this is most likely the problem. If you open the app store and go to updates, there is an ‘update all’ option. Simply click this and you can download all of the updates at once and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Visit https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT202180 for more information on updating your apps.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

You might not realize it, but the default settings on your iPhone cause apps to refresh in the background automatically. Facebook and Twitter, for example, will constantly refresh your news feed even if you don’t have the app open. This uses up a lot of processing power and the feature isn’t really necessary because you can manually refresh the feed in seconds when you open up the app. If you switch off background app refresh, you should notice an increase in speed straight away.

Try Rebooting Your Phone

If none of the previous steps make a difference, you should try rebooting your phone. Most of us keep our phones on constantly so it may just be that your phone needs a bit of a break. Switch it off for a while and then reboot it and you may find that it runs a lot faster.

Don’t assume that your phone needs to be replaced because it’s running slow. Before you start looking at a new one, try these steps and see if that makes a difference.

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