4 Signs an Older Relative Might Benefit from Assisted Living

If you have a parent, grandparent or another relative who is getting older, it might be time to think about some changes in their living situation. This is especially true if you have noticed that they are having more trouble than usual living in their home, such as struggling to do things for themselves that they would normally find easy or having more falls and accidents than normal. Maybe they are becoming more forgetful or are getting confused more at home. In this case, an assisted living facility might be a good compromise, allowing them to remain independent while they have access to the support that they need. Some signs that it might be worth looking into an assisted living facility for your senior relative include:

Difficulties Living at Home

As we get older, it can get harder for us to manage our living spaces on our own. If you have an elderly relative who lives alone in a large home that they have been struggling to keep on top of, it might be worth considering an option such as moving into Richmond Heights senior living where they will live in a smaller home that’s easier to manage, with help with household chores available.

The Home is No Longer Suitable

It’s not uncommon for people to experience more mobility issues as they get older, which might leave them in a situation where the home that they are currently living in is no longer suitable for their needs. If your relative is struggling to get upstairs, for example, or it’s not possible to adapt their home for their unique needs as they age, then moving might be the best option to consider.

Struggling to Get Out

Another side effect of increasing mobility issues as we get older is that it can make it harder to get out, see friends, or do general tasks like grocery shopping. If you have noticed that this has become or is becoming a problem for your loved one, then it may be worth suggesting a move to an assisted living complex as these facilities tend to have everything that your loved one needs on-site, making it much easier.

Loneliness and Isolation

While you might make every effort to visit your loved one as much as possible and spend time with them, it’s not always easy for family members to keep their loved one company as much as they would like due to your own work and family commitments. If your relative is living alone, then they may be at risk of isolation and loneliness, which can lead to further problems with their mental health and wellbeing such as depression and anxiety, and even have a serious impact on their physical health. An assisted living community is a good option as while they will be able to have their own space, there are lots of people around them, and many opportunities to make new friends and socialize on a regular basis.

If you’ve noticed these signs when it comes to your older relative, it might be worth considering a move to assisted living.

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