4 Reasons Your Skin Desperately Needs Glutathione

It can sometimes seem like we use countless creams, lotions and other products to keep our skin healthy and smooth. While most people focus on keeping their skin from getting dried out or combating wrinkles, adequate skin care goes far beyond this superficial approach.

In reality, you also need to consider how the health of your skin can affect your entire well-being. It’s about much more than how you look. Part of that involves making sure that your skin is getting the right chemicals — and few substances are more important than glutathione.

While the name glutathione may sound like an artificial chemical, it is actually a tripeptide that occurs naturally within the body. A natural antioxidant comprised of the amino acids glutamate, glycine and cysteine, glutathione supplement provides several valuable health benefits that affect your entire body.

However, studies have found that as you age, natural glutathione levels decrease. Because of this, many individuals benefit from glutathione supplements, such as Santeva Glow capsules from Santeva Health & Beauty, or glutathione-infused skin care products. The following benefits illustrate why maintaining adequate glutathione levels is essential for your wellbeing.

1) It Can Detoxify Your Life

As an antioxidant, glutathione’s primary role is to combat free radicals and serve as a detoxifying agent. While free radicals can help the body with certain functions, an imbalance can prove detrimental to your overall health.

As Healthline reports, certain lifestyle factors can increase oxidative stress and lead to an overabundance of free radicals in the body. Habits like tobacco and alcohol use, excessive sunbathing and intense exercise can all cause undue tissue damage and toxin production.

Other factors that you can’t always control, such as exposure to air pollution or bacterial infections, can also increase free radical production. By giving your skin more glutathione, your body will be better equipped to counteract these harmful toxins.

This also boosts your body’s autoimmune response, leaving you better equipped to combat conditions such as celiac disease or rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have found that glutathione’s ability to stimulate or inhibit immunological responses as needed helps the body control inflammation so patients can better counter these health conditions.

2) It Can Fight Signs of Aging

Glutathione aids in the production of DNA, as well as regular cell death or apoptosis, processes that are necessary for maintaining healthy skin. As you age and your body produces less glutathione on its own, your body is less equipped to fight against common conditions like wrinkles or dark spots.

Adding products like the Santeva Brightening Vitamin C Serum to your skin care routine can help counteract these visible signs of aging by getting glutathione directly onto the skin. Serums are most effective when applied immediately after cleansing and before using a moisturizer.

When paired with other skin care ingredients like hyaluronic acid, your body will also enjoy a boost in collagen production. By supporting healthy cell growth and death, glutathione works in tandem with other skin care treatments to help you maintain a youthful appearance.

3) It Can Minimize the Impact of Certain Diseases

If you’re already dealing with health conditions that are impacting your quality of life, increasing glutathione levels in your skin cells can actually make these issues easier to bear. In fact, helping patients increase their glutathione levels has been found to improve health outcomes for a wide range of diseases.

For example, studies featuring intravenous glutathione doses found that the substance reduces the spread of cell damage for individuals suffering from fatty liver disease, as well as improving circulation and mobility for individuals with peripheral artery disease.

Other studies have led to even more dramatic findings. A 2002 study from the Mayo Clinic found that glutathione could reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, improving patients’ quality of life. A 2013 study indicated that glutathione could even help fight cancer.

While more research is needed to further validate some of these findings, it is clear that giving your skin plenty of glutathione can have a powerful positive effect when dealing with disease.

4) It Can Prevent Serious Health Conditions

Perhaps the biggest reason why antioxidants get so much attention these days is because of their ability to ward off many of the deadliest and most pernicious health conditions that can affect the human body.

As a study from Oregon State University noted, glutathione helps prevent disease by creating what are known as “detoxification pathways” that help the body “resist the toxic stresses of everyday life.”

However, when these pathways decline (typically as a result of aging), reduced glutathione levels “are causally linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, some of the primary causes of death in the developed world.”

While there are several other factors (particularly diet and exercise) that can also have a significant influence on your risk for developing these conditions, every extra effort helps. Giving your body more glutathione can further lower your risk so you can have a healthier future.

Whether you’re giving your glutathione levels a boost through a dietary supplement or a glutathione-infused skin care product like Santeva Activated Charcoal Soap, glutathione will help you enjoy better health outcomes, especially as you age. By giving your skin this powerful antioxidant, you will continue to look and feel your best for many years to come.

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