4 Fashion Tips for Your Next Date Night

Date night can be one of the most stressful occasions to dress for, especially since you will be aiming to make a good impression on the other person- and hopefully secure a second date. Then, to feel good about yourself on your next date night, here are some of the top fashion tips that can help you to plan out your outfit.

Get a Novelty Handbag

In the mayhem of trying to concoct an outfit that your date will fall in love with, have you remembered to think about your accessories? Novelty handbags can be great accessories to bring to your next date night, whether you are going to a bar or a fancy restaurant. Not only can they store all of the bits and bobs that you need to take with you, such as your purse and phone, but they can also act as a conversation starter. Then, the wilder your novelty handbag, the better, and Judith Leiber has a range of attention-grabbing yet pretty pill boxes to add a bit of sparkle to any outfit.

Wear What You Love

However, rather than spending the night worrying about whether your outfit adheres to the latest trends, you should consider wearing what you love instead. Wearing what you love is the only way that you will feel comfortable in your ensemble throughout the evening. It can show your date who you truly are, rather than leaving them thinking that you are someone that you are not. They can get an instant idea of your personality and what you are passionate about- you could even consider wearing a t-shirt with your favorite band on to get them talking.

You should also make sure that your clothes are flattering for your body shape, as this can help you to feel confident in your appearance. It can also ensure that you can emphasize your best features and that you look exactly how you want to.

Chuck the Heels

Although you might believe that heels are essential to every date night, this is not the case. Instead, you should chuck the heels completely. Not only are they uncomfortable to wear for a long time if your date night goes better than expected, but they are not always suitable for every potential date activity that the other person might have thought up. Then, you should especially avoid wearing heels if the particulars of the date are a surprise. You should consider swapping them for sparkly flats or glittery boots instead.

Use Layers

Rather than spend the night freezing in a thin dress, you should consider wearing layers on your date night. For instance, a longline coat can work well with cocktail dresses and will allow you to look smart while also staying as warm as possible, especially if you intend to spend some time outside. Wearing layers will allow you to adjust to the temperature of your date location and can even add interest and dimension to your outfit.

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