4 Essential Tech Tools for Online Students

online students

Attending college while working and taking care of your family used to be a challenge for the few who could manage it. Online education has made it possible for millions to access higher education. It gives them schedule flexibility, eliminates the need to travel, and often comes at a lower cost. However, online students face challenges like managing their time and collaborating effectively. Here are four essential tech tools for online students.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon NaturallySpeaking was one of the groundbreaking tools for those who wanted to simply speak to their computer and see text appear on the screen. They’ve upgraded and expanded their suite of tools.

Dragon Dictation is designed for those who want to dictate their notes. It is ideal for those who want to capture their thoughts for a potential presentation or record messages that will be forwarded on to their team members. Dragon Anywhere is the mobile app version that lets you transcribe notes via your smartphone. Both of these tools are great for those who aren’t good at typing up notes or want to read the transcripts of the lessons later.


Evernote is a great tool for taking and organizing notes. This app can be used to capture notes taken from reading material, to do lists, ideas recorded while on the go, and information that is related to work and home. A side benefit of using Evernote is that it is accessible via both app and desktop. A similar tool is OneNote by Microsoft.


Trello is a project and task management tool. It is so powerful that it may be utilized by your next employer. The visual Kanban boards are used to create project timelines indicating dependent tasks and assignments.

The Kanban board is flexible, and you can pack a lot of detail into each digital card. Unlike a physical board in your office, the information is saved to the cloud and made accessible to all of your teammates. The drag and drop interface makes organizing homework and any other projects you have simple. For example, simply drag and drop the card representing an assignment to the completed list. This eliminates the need for a separate to-do list app, and it contains all of the information you need to do the work in one place.

Students studying online at places like Marian University can use tools like Trello to keep up with their studies. Their MPath Online programs offer a flexible schedule in addition to the traditional 15-week semester and a seven-week accelerated timeline. Trello and other similar productivity tools make it much easier to keep track of assignments, deadlines, and personal event planning during an accelerated semester.

Chegg Study

Chegg Study is an amazing, all-in-one resource for students. You can find textbooks for rent through the site. There are tons of solved problems in subjects like math and science posted on the platform. The site offers flashcards you can use to study for almost any subject. If you upload your own flashcards or solved assignments to the site, you’ll get points with the platform. They provide links to qualified tutors if you still don’t get it. Note that this site is not free, however.

Technology has made online learning possible. However, it is the growth of tech tools that make it easier for online students to better juggle their education with their other responsibilities.

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