4 Effective Tips For Healing Dry and Chapped Lips

Dry and cold weather, the sun’s harmful rays, and frequent lips licking are common reasons your lips feel dry and chapped. So it may seem that you need to live with dry and cracked lips until spring comes! But the fact is, applying the best natural lip balm for dry lips can help keep your lips soft and hydrated all year round!

Here are some more effective tips that help prevent and manage dry and chapped lips at home!

1. Use a non-irritating lip care product-

Whether you are applying a lip balm, lipstick, or other lip care product, make sure it does not contain any harmful or irritating ingredients. Some people mistake burning, stinging, or tingling sensations on their lips as a sign that the active ingredients in a product have started working. But that’s not the case! You might be causing irritation and further damage to your lips with that product. So, instead of continuing to use it, you should stop applying any product that irritates your lips.

Always check for the ingredients in your product before you buy it. People prefer to buy the best natural lip balm for dry lips, designed with only 100 % safe ingredients. An ideal lip balm for dry lips can have a blend of manuka honey, cocoa butter, shea butter, zinc oxide, broad-spectrum CBD, and other beneficial ingredients.

2. Apply moisturizer or lip balm daily-

Depending on the need, you can apply a non-irritating lip balm several times a day. Make sure you apply it before going to bed as well. Sun can burn dry and chapped lips easily and lead to cold sores. So, it is advisable not to leave your home in the morning without applying a lip care product containing sun-protective ingredients. If your job includes working out in the sun, you can re-apply the product after every 2 hours.

Keeping your lips well-moisturized all day with the right lip care product can promote faster healing of dry and chapped lips.

3. Drink plenty of water-

Chapped lips are a sign of dry lips. Sometimes, dehydration can lead to dry lips. If you are dehydrated, you may feel symptoms such as lightheadedness, constipation, decreased urine production, headache, and dry mouth, in addition to dry lips. In severe cases, dehydration can lead to low blood pressure, fever, or rapid heartbeat. Here is a simple remedy to manage this condition. What’s it? You just need to drink more water. So, if you have dry lips, you can start drinking plenty of water. This tip will help keep your lips hydrated and maintain your overall good health.

4. Stop licking and biting your lips-

Whenever you feel your lips are dry, you may want to make them wet by licking them. But it would help if you control this habit of continuously licking, biting, and picking at your lips because this habit can only worsen the condition. Your lips become drier as saliva evaporates. Also, it can prevent the healing of dry, chapped, and cracked lips. So, it’s best to control this habit. In addition, you can keep your lips hydrated with a good lip care product, such as the best natural lip balm for dry lips.

So, we have discussed a few effective ways to help manage dry and chapped lips. To keep your lips hydrated and healthy, you can start following these tips from today onwards!




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