4 Care Tips For Dry Skin

dry skin

Healthy and glowing skin is what we all love. You might have dealt with most of the skin problems but the one problem that can really ruin your skin is dryness. Dry skin is a problem with thousands of people during the days of winter. Our skin moisture is carried away by chilly winds. One of the best and most effective ways to deal with dry skin is to look for skin moisturisers at Synergie Skin. Applying a moisturiser to your skin will keep it safe and hydrated for a long time. Below are some other care tops for dry skin.

  1. Avoid Hot Showers:

Nothing can be satisfying and relaxing than taking hot showers during winters. It makes us feel warm and comfortable. But you might have noticed that your skin becomes dry and dull after you take a hot shower. This is because hot water removes liquid barriers present on your skin. This action results in loss of moisture and hence dry skin. It is suggested to take a bath or a shower with warm water that can retain the moisture of your skin. Hot showers also raise your body temperature for a while. As a result, your skin takes a greater time to get naturally moisturised again.

  1. Use a Lip Balm:

Your lips require a greater amount of moisture to remain healthy and glowing. Since they are a bit sensitive, they lose moisture faster than your skin. You might have observed cracks or dryness on your lips during winters. To avoid the same and to keep your lips healthy, you shall use a lip balm. Keep a lip balm with you when you are going outdoors. Make sure you apply it on your lips periodically. Leaving your lips dry even for a short period of time can degrade their quality and make them unhealthy. Therefore, do use a lip balm that can keep your lips moisturised.

  1. Use Fragrance-Free Skin Products:

Some skin care products have a fragrance to make them attractive for customers. These products can definitely give you a good bathing experience but will drain out all your skin moisture. Skincare products that have fragrances contain harmful chemicals. Most of them are not safe for your skin. You may feel irritation, itchy or dryness after using such a skincare product. This is the reason why it is suggested to use fragrance-free skin products.

  1. Wear Gloves:

Stepping outdoors during winters is a fun activity. Playing with snow and enjoying chilly winds makes us feel calm and relaxed. But if you expose your skin and go outdoors barehanded, then your skin will get dry and unhealthy. Therefore, do wear gloves and other clothes to cover your skin. When you do so, the skin moisture is retained and your skin remains healthy. Avoid going outdoors without wearing gloves and a scarf. Wearing a pair of gloves also becomes essential when you do activities that involve your hands getting wet. During such activities, gloves will retain the skin moisture and will keep it healthy.

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