4 Benefits of Replacing a Traditional Roof with a Metal Roof

metal roof

Our homes are valuable to us. Not only because of the investment we commit to when we purchase them, but also because our homes become our sanctuary. Taking care of your home is an important part of being a homeowner, and that means equipping our homes with the best durable materials we can find.

Residential roofing has traditionally been made of asphalt shingles. In these modern days, metal roofing has gained popularity over other materials, including the traditional shingled roof. Metal roofing is advantageous and is an excellent alternative to shingle roofs installation Southwest Houston because they offer an added layer of protection. There are a few benefits to consider when you’re looking to replace your traditional roof with one of the metal options that exist.

1.) Lightweight

Metal roofing has the great advantage of being lightweight. Compared to tile roofing and asphalt shingles which are considerably heavy, Metal roofing is about 1/4 of the weight compared to a tile roof, and roughly 1/2 the weight of asphalt shingles. This means when installing a metal roof, you’re able to save on the cost of engineering and building support structures on your home. Choosing a metal roofing contractor who will help you make decisions on what’s best for your home’s structural support can be beneficial to you in the long run.

2.) Durable

Another important advantage of metal roofing is its durability. There a few options for metal roofing materials including steel, aluminum or copper strips. Wind damage and hail have been known to cause problems with shingle and tile roofing, but these different types of metal roofing are highly resistant to these weather events. Usually having a Class A fire rating, metal roofing is extremely fire resistant. The added fact that metal roofing requires far less maintenance than other types of roofing is a bonus that saves you money and time over the course of your homeownership.

3.) Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a hot button subject today, and lots of people are looking to keep their energy costs low by minimizing heat conduction from the sun’s rays. Metal roofing is very reflective, making it harder for the sun to heat the home. This saves the average person with a metal roof between 20-30% on air conditioning costs depending on what type of coating the roofing is finished with.

4.) Cost Effectiveness

What may come as a surprise to an individual considering buying a metal roof for their home is the price tag. Installing metal roofing on your home is initially higher in price than shingle or tile, but what is important to remember is that over the course of your homeownership your roof ends up saving you money in terms of the repair and maintenance costs. The life-span of a metal roof and it’s energy efficiency mean that a homeowner who makes the initial investment will save remarkably more on their metal roof than any other type of roof they could purchase. Homeowners looking to purchase insurance will sometimes find that they are eligible for a discount through their insurance company because of their metal roof. There are also some state-sponsored programs that focus on energy efficiency, offering tax credits to the homeowner and financial incentives for choosing metal roofing over others.

Simply put, there are excellent reasons why each homeowner choosing to purchase and install a metal roof for their home is making a good investment. Overall, the cost-effectiveness can allow for more financial liberty in the future, and its low maintenance and durability will ensure fewer headaches in terms of home repairs. Taking the time to consider all the available roofing options will truly show the value of investing in a metal roof.

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