4 Bases You Must Cover to be a Beautiful Bride

beautiful bride

Everyone dreams of being a beautiful bride, and generally speaking, most brides look stunning. Not all of them are at the best they could possibly be, however, and it’s usually because they have failed to cover one or more of these bases. Make sure that you have everything in control before the big day to be sure that you will be the most beautiful bride possible.

Hair and Make-Up Trials

Some brides will book a hairdresser and make-up artist and then leave it at that. Some will just try to do one or the other themselves. Here’s a hard truth: you MUST have a professional make-up artist and a professional hairdresser. Don’t hire one person to do both. Don’t get your friend to do it. Most of all, don’t book someone and cross your fingers. Trials might be an extra expense, but they are done to ensure that you look your best. Once you are happy with the look you have achieved, you can book it in for the big day with confidence.

Multiple Dress Fittings

Buying a dress from the internet might be cost-effective, but it doesn’t guarantee you a good fit. No matter where you buy it from, book in for fittings with your boutique or a dressmaker. They will look at the dress and see where it needs to be altered to make it perfect for you. Once they have made the alterations, come back closer to the big day to fit again until it is just right. This will guarantee no embarrassing gapes or tight spots when you wear it to get married.

Getting Body-Perfect

Your body should also be at its best for your wedding – after all, you only want to do this once, right? If there is anything that has been bothering you, sort it out now. Lose those last pounds to get you to your goal weight, or hit the gym to tone up your arms. Make those adjustments that only a qualified professional can do, straightening your nose or lifting your chest. There are plenty of pre-wedding procedures which are perfectly normal and will get you looking your best.

Finding Inner Glow

Inner glow is really important. You’re not going to be at your best if you look tired, ill, or run-down when it gets to the wedding day. Look after yourself! Take vitamin supplements, get fresh air and exercise, and stay away from situations that might make you ill. Get enough sleep, even though it might be easier said than done. Try not to stress about everything – delegate tasks to your wedding party if it’s all getting too much for you. When you are relaxed, healthy, and happy, the inner glow will take care of itself and create the beautiful bride you have always wanted to be.

Lastly, remember to book a great professional photographer for your wedding. If you do it right, this will be the most beautiful day of your life – so you definitely want to record it for posterity.

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