4 Adventurous Activities Anyone Can Try in the Bedroom

A loving relationship has many great aspects, and great sex is just one of them. However, while there are more important things than sex, for a lot of people, having those sexual needs met is an essential part of a healthy relationship. Not only does it help to relieve those sexual urges and satisfy you physically, but it can also bring you closer together with your partner emotionally as you connect on this intimate level. It’s no secret that sex can dwindle and sometimes get boring in long-term relationships, so if you want to spice things up with your partner, why not try some of the following activities?

1.   Talk Dirty To Each Other

This might sound tame to some people, but for those who haven’t been very adventurous in the Bedroom before, this can be a great way to make things a bit sexier without being overwhelming. Even something as simple as telling your partner what you want to do to them or what you want them to do to you can be a big turn-on and have you both running for the Bedroom!

2.   Role-playing

Role-playing is a fantastic way to act out some of your sexual fantasies, and it’s also a good opportunity to get out of your head and can make you feel incredibly sexy. Playing a different character is a form of expression, and if you are someone who has sometimes struggled with their confidence in the Bedroom, you may find that this new alter-ego changes this. If you are new to this, consider starting with something simpler like dressing up in a particular outfit first and gradually build to getting into full character if this is more comfortable for you. Always discuss these fantasies with your partner first to make sure that they are comfortable with that role-play, too.

3.   Introduce Sex Toys into the Mix

Sex toys can be used solo or with partners, and they can certainly rev things up in the Bedroom! There are many different kinds of toys to choose from, such as vibrators, butt plugs, and even strap-on dildos, to name a few things. The latter can be great for lesbian and queer sex, and you can find these products at wetforher.com – although straight couples can enjoy them, too! Do some research with your partner and find some toys that you would both be comfortable using to improve your sex life.

4.   Blind Fold Each Other

This can be a very sensual game to play with your partner, as losing your sense of sight can make touch all the more intense. You can take it in turns to blindfold each other and surprise each other with gentle kisses, strokes, and whatever else might turn you on. This is another great option for those looking for something fun without jumping into the deep end, and you could tie each other up to intensify this experience even further.

If you want to get more adventurous with your partner and improve your sex life, consider the suggestions above and see what works for you.



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