3 Ways To Trim Your Nose Hair In A Safe Way

nose hair trimmers

Trimming nose hair is not like trimming facial hair or scalp hair. It takes a lot of struggle, concentration, and safety when it comes to nose hair. First of all, nose hairs are there for a reason, and they are a part of everyone’s body. Some people have less growth of hair inside their nose, and some grow a lot of hair in their nose. Only a few people are aware of why do nose hair exist. Well, the reason behind it is that when we breathe through our nose, the toxins, dust, bacteria, etc. get trapped in those hairs, and we don’t get to inhale all of those harmful things.

There are two types of nose hairs, one is the microscopic hair, also known as the cilia and the other type is known as the coarse. Coarse can be embarrassing sometimes especially if you’ve got a few long strands of hair coming out of your nose.

Trimming those embarrassing hair is pretty simple and affordable too. You just have to be careful with whatever product or trimmer you use to get rid of your nose hair.

Here are the basic three ways to trim your nose hair safely.

1- Nose Hair Scissors

Using scissors is counted as one of the most popular ways to trim down your nose hair. And we are not referring to the common nail or cuticle scissors in fact here we are talking about the scissors that are specially designed for your nose. These scissors are smaller in size, and they don’t have sharp edges, in fact, their edges are rounded. Using these nose scissors can help you in trimming the nose hair easily without the risk of any injury. With them, you can groom your nose hair easily.

2-Nose Hair Trimmers

Technology has surely taken over the world, and there was a time when scissors were the only option for grooming nose hair, but now we’ve got special nose hair trimmers that will do the job in minutes for you. There are circular nose trimmers that are not harmful at all, and you won’t have to face any sort of injury inside your nose. There are battery operated trimmers too that are cost-effective and time-saving too. Buying a nose hair trimmer can save you from getting embarrassed, and you can carry them wherever you want to so yes it is one good option to get yourself a nose hair trimmer.

3-Nose Hair Tweezers

Let’s get one thing straight, nose tweezers are not for the faint-hearted, and it takes a lot of guts to use them. It is quite painful to pull that hair out of your nose and if you bluntly use the tweezer then get ready for some extra pain. The use of tweezer is the last thing that one should do because first its painful and secondly there are chances that you’ll get your nose injured or slightly bleeding if not used with care. Use it only if you don’t have any other option but have to take off those long stray hair and don’t panic while using it.

Grooming your nose hair is necessary especially if you’ve got a lot of them. Also, you should take time out for grooming your nails, nose hair and also check yourself for body development because it is better to stay proactive than to receive negative comments.

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