3 Ways The Cloud is Changing The Way Corporations Do Business

cloud computing

Cloud computing has changed a lot about the business world, from what customers expect and demand to the way your business operates. The cloud has shaken up the traditional business and IT model and allowed many companies to automate their manual or traditional business processes with 4d data centres to increase productivity and, in turn, boost their bottom line.

Are you ready to learn more about how the cloud is changing the way that corporations do business today? If so, check out this quick and easy guide to the cloud and how it’s taking the business world by storm.

Employees are the Driving Force Behind Cloud Computing and The Business World

Employees want more flexibility in the business world today, according to Forbes. As technology advances more and more, employees notice that it’s not always necessary for them to be in office. Remote employees are able to dial in and collaborate with their colleagues and managers on projects using cloud services. Employees want the flexibility of working from home, especially if they have families and children, and to use mobile devices that they are comfortable with.

Luckily, cloud computer and strategic planning software makes it much easier for remote employees to access documents, collaborate on projects and communicate via email and video conference while they are working from home or on the go. Some companies still strictly require employees to come into the office, but most businesses see the benefits of allowing their employees to work remotely. Employees that work remotely are generally more productive, more efficient and more willing to work long hours, since they have the opportunity to work from home.

Aside from working from home, cloud video conference for IT services like BlueJeans allow employees to dial into corporate systems with their own computers or tablets, again increasing productivity, because employees are more comfortable and efficient using their own digital devices. Thus, cloud computing has brought about and accelerated the Bring Your Own Device trend. Cloud computing allows IT to refrain from worrying about various devices and remote access overloading their on-site infrastructure. Multi-cloud security protects your data and applications which is necessary to protect organisations from any threats.

Cloud Computing Shakes Up The Traditional Business and IT Model

Cloud computing has shaken up the standard IT business model, which allows companies more options when it comes to their IT infrastructure. In the past, businesses simply hired IT professionals to run their computer hardware and software and the IT staff had the responsibility of forecasting business needs up to 10 years in advances and make tech purchases according to these forecasts.

The problem with this traditional model is that the majority of the time, IT professionals predicted incorrectly, wasting time and money on tech resources that the companies didn’t actually need. Or on the opposite end, IT would forecast that a company only needed a certain amount of data storage for the next few years and only purchase that amount, without taking into account the amount of growth in personnel and demand that the company would go through over the next few years. IT would then need to quickly purchase more storage, wasting the company money when they could have been more cost efficient and bought a larger amount of storage to begin with.

Cloud computing allows you to save time, money and a headache. While it’s still necessary to predict how much storage and server capacity you need in the long run, it’s much less expensive to scale up your space or capacity on the cloud than it is with traditional on-site infrastructure. You will still need an IT department, but you will likely need far fewer IT employees and you can allow your IT staff to focus on different needs like business innovation, while your cloud computing vendor does the bulk of the work. Cloud computing allows your company at large to focus on innovation, leading to increased profits and productivity and a higher bottom line overall. When you first sign up for cloud computing make sure you are choosing the right type as well. Amazon might be your first choice, but AWS instance types pricing can get a little confusing. With a little help, you can find the right service and pricing model to fit your business.

Your Customers Demand Change as The Cloud is More Commonly Used

Cloud computing has certainly changed the way that companies interact with their customers. Since the cloud allows more flexibility to respond to your customers and their needs immediately, customers are no longer patient about waiting for business hours to shop for your products and services. Instead, they expect superior customer service at all times. They want an interactive online experience with videos and presentations. In order to accommodate these consumer needs, you have to outsource your interactive data to cloud vendors to make sure that you have enough capacity to host interactive files. Cloud computing also guarantees that customers can download and view files at higher speeds. According to ZDNet, cloud computing will also allow companies to create a new generation of products and services for more demanding customers.

Now you have all the information you need about the cloud and how it can help your business! Start using the cloud today to boost your company’s bottom line.

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