3 Ways FinancialForce ERP Will Improve Your Accounting Practices

While there are many responsibilities associated with running a successful business, few are more important than accounting. From navigating tax responsibilities to ensuring that customer invoices are filled, these activities directly impact your bottom line. In the long run, without quality accounting systems in place, you will have a hard time staying in business. Thankfully, you can make your accounting easier with FinancialForce ERP. Here is a closer look at how this software platform will help you streamline what can sometimes be a challenging business task.

1.         SalesForce Integration

One chief advantage of FinancialForce ERP is that it is built for the SalesForce platform. This allows users to draw from the information that is already in their customer resource management software. With easier data sharing, there is no need to maintain multiple record-keeping systems. Not only is this more cost-effective and less time-consuming, but the automatic sharing and syncing of this data will prevent the errors that often occur as a result of double data entry.

2.         Automation of Basic Tasks

While accounting and bookkeeping require lots of hands on attention, there is undeniably a lot of busy work that can take away from your accounting team’s time dedicated to more “big picture” tasks. FinancialForce ERP automates key, yet mundane, tasks such as revenue recognition. Access to real-time financial data increases visibility regarding current opportunities and challenges facing your business. When invested parties have access to up-to-date financial information, they can make smarter decisions regarding sales and business models to ensure continued profitability.

3.         Advanced Tracking of Expenses and Billing

Accurately tracking expenses and optimizing your cash flow are essential for keeping your company on solid financial footing. FinancialForce’s system allows employees to submit time and expenses from anywhere, even on a mobile device. When information is scanned and updated in real time, you can always have a clear idea of where the money is going.

Similarly, FinancialForce’s delivery and billing system will keep sales cycles moving and ensure that you receive revenue from all sales. By ensuring that accurate invoices are sent out in a timely manner, clients will provide faster payments, subsequently improving your cash flow.


With so many different activities that can have a direct impact on your business’s bottom line, it is helpful to have a single, unified place where you can keep track of everything. By using comprehensive platforms like FinancialForce ERP, you will be able to reduce errors and improve overall efficiency so you always have a clear understanding of your current financial picture.

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