3 Unique Ways To Say Thanks

Today, people usually say thank you via a phone call or text when expressing gratitude. However, recipients often delete such messages from their devices and memories soon after. As such, it is essential to send thank-you messages in unique ways when the situation arises. Here are three unique ways to thank the special people in your life, including family members, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues:

  1. Send a Handwritten Note

Image via Unsplash by hannynaibaho

According to Inc., a handwritten note is more personal and authentic. Opt for a customized note with icons or monograms instead of the traditional formal sheets of stationery. Keep the design simple to ensure that the recipient’s focus remains on your message. Here are some writing tips:

  • Acknowledge the recipient by name, for example, “Dear Auntie Jane, you are such a lifesaver.”
  • Use simple and specific words instead of flowery language.
  • If you receive a monetary gift, you could say, “Thank you, I received the check,” without mentioning the amount. 
  • Explain the use of the present, for example, “Thank you for the sweater. I am glad this winter will find me prepared.”
  • End with love, for example, “With love, gratitude, and best wishes, Jeffrey.”

You can use a handwritten note when you receive gifts for your birthday or wedding or an invitation to a dinner or party to show appreciation for the gesture.

  1. Make It an IOU

A written-down IOU is one of the unique ways to say thank you if someone helps you complete a task or solve a problem. An IOU allows you to reciprocate the help and show sincerity in your gratitude. You can choose a challenging goal or activity you feel the person has been struggling to accomplish and offer your resources.

For example, maybe a friend, colleague, neighbor, or even a family member helped you change your car’s oil or learn a new language. As a way of saying thank you, offer something valuable in return. You could teach them a skill that you are an expert on or offer to pay for a course. According to Lifehack, you can even make a charitable donation in the person’s name.

  1. Use Social Media

If you are looking to thank someone on social media properly, it takes more than just uploading a post on your Facebook page. Dig deeper into the social streams and their content to find the things they are actively promoting. Sharing such content is an excellent act of gratitude you can accomplish with just a few clicks. Whether it is an article the person recently wrote or a digital course they have on offer, share it with your audience.

You can also write a heartfelt message and tag the person on social media or share the message on Facebook or WhatsApp groups, especially where you are both members. Keep your thank-you message simple and easy to understand.

Ideally, your thank-you should align with something the recipient likes or that is relevant to them personally. Whichever option you choose from the above mentioned, be unique when expressing gratitude to appear sincere and strengthen your relationships.

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