3 Tips for Choosing a Waist or Chest Bag

Keeping a waist or chest bag with you on your travels is a great way to stay organized. Choose the perfect waist or chest bag for you with these tips.

How many bags do you need for a trip? If it’s a quick weekend trip to maximize your PTO, then you probably only need one main bag for clothes and a smaller bag for items like your wallet. The best small bag for these necessities is a waist or chest bag. Sometimes called a fanny pack, these bags are a surprisingly practical trend. You can easily slip them over your chest or clip them around your waist to access everything you need during a trip. Follow these helpful tips for choosing a waist or chest bag for your next trip.

Choose a Bright Color

If you’re planning to take your waist or chest bag out in the wilderness, then you need to choose a bright color. Bright colors like orange and pink will stand out from the nature around you. That means if you drop it while trying to clip it on or lay it down to use the bathroom, you can easily find it again.

However, bright colors may scare animals away. If you’re planning to carry this bag while doing wildlife photography or a similar activity, choose a neutral color. Instead, attach a small, bright keychain so you can spot the bag without deterring wildlife.

waist or chest bag

Look For Waterproof Materials

If your vacation involves an activity on the water, then getting waterproof materials is a must! Fortunately, this is easy to do with waist or chest bags, which is why they are an overnight item you may not think to pack for a river trip. Look for a bag made from waterproof materials so you can wear it throughout your river tour. When you unpack after the tour, you can use this small, dry bag to carry essentials as you explore the area, clean yourself up, or relax with your friends.

Even if you don’t like river tours, waterproof materials can protect your bag from water damage during other travel adventures. You never know when you might trip while walking along the beach or spill your water bottle while hiking.

Pay Attention to Quality

The most important tip for choosing a waist or chest bag is to pay attention to quality. You’re taking this bag on travel adventures both near and far. The last thing you want is to break a zipper or discover a hole when you’re somewhere new trying to carry important items.

Higher-quality bags tend to last longer, even through travel wear and tear. Ask the retailer if the bag has gone through any tests or what quality grade the materials are so you can choose one that will last.

You shouldn’t carry too many bags while traveling since they can weigh you down. However, a small waist or chest bag is the perfect helpful accessory you need for easy access to important items during your trip. Now that you know how to choose the right one, you can start shopping!


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