3 Tips for Fashion Startups – How to Get People in the Door


If it has always been your dream to open a boutique in your market area because you are personally hooked on fashion, you might not know how to get people in your doors. After all, you are a fashionista, not a marketing executive, so you might not have any idea where to begin. Yes, you know you need to advertise, but how and where? And what kind of budget will you need? Will you be able to afford all the marketing that needs doing? The answer is actually easier than you think. Here are three tips for fashion startups that will get people in the door!

1) Be a Visible Presence

For just a moment, think about the weeks leading up to April 15. You know all those ‘Statues of Liberty’ and ‘Uncle Sams’ with the red, white and blue hats standing on the side of the road waving you over? They are obviously trying to get you into their store to file your taxes with them, but the idea is a good one whether you ever step inside their doors or not. You remember them don’t you? That’s what being a visible presence can do for your startup. No, you don’t need to stand outside wearing your latest line of lingerie, but you can attend various events around town and hand out cards. Perhaps you could arrange to speak at local women’s clubs about fashion tips. High schools are another perfect place to gain an audience. Who cares more about their looks than teenage girls who are more than just a little fashion conscious?

2) Utilize Both Local and Online Advertising

One of the biggest mistakes that so many startups make is in neglecting one form of advertising or the other. So many people use only the internet or only local marketing that they don’t capture as big an audience as they should. If you think it’s going to be too expensive to use print media, consider using a web based poster maker and printing them up yourself. The posters you place around town needn’t be huge to be effective. They only need to be visually attractive and engaging. Use business cards, flyers and whatever else you can locally as well as an engaging digital marketing campaign to reach an even broader audience.

3) Contests and Giveaways – Promotions that Draw Attention

Everyone likes to get something for nothing and so a promotion that offers a prize is a sure way to get people in your doors. The best way to handle this is to advertise that entries are available in your store. Make sure you list the location of your store with a map if necessary, your hours of operation and a big banner with your business name displayed prominently. Offer to give them something for free and see how quickly they remember who and where you are!

Make your marketing as fun and engaging as possible and you will see just how quickly they begin to stop in to see what you have. Use this time to introduce yourself, welcome them to your shop and perhaps give them a little memento so that you will never be out of sight, out of mind. Every time they spot that trinket, they’ll think of you and that’s local marketing at its very best.

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