3 Simple But Crucial Things Long-Lasting Couples Have in Common

Ah, love. It’s a complex, fickle thing that’s tormented and tantalized humans ever since their ancestors split from chimps – that’s between 6 and 7 million years of enduring the highs and lows of romance. As love is volatile, it’s natural to ponder how some couples stand the test of time longer than others. Some lovers are fleeting, enduring love’s beautiful chaos for weeks or months, while others last years – or, in the lucky ones’ cases, a lifetime.

The latter group clearly has something going on – they know the secrets to a healthy, happy, long partnership. But how do they do it? How do couples who’ve been together for years stay in love? The truth is this: even they have their struggles; however, they know how to work through thick and thin – but they also know that the small, everyday details matter.

These couples understand that relationships are flames; they need fuel. They’re akin to living beings, requiring nourishment and daily care to thrive – much like a plant or pet. Love alone is not sufficient sustenance; regular, identifiable expressions of it are necessary. Some of these manifestations are easier than most might realize.

Never Stop Dating

Long-lasting couples all have one aspect in common: they date. Having no time for each other or sticking to the same activities and restaurants can lead to that feeling of “same same” – the road to boredom and stagnation.

Successful couples find new things to enjoy together and get adventurous with their dates – whether trying a new restaurant or vacationing together. Putting effort into dates is crucial for keeping the relationship and time spent together fun, exciting, and fresh.

Sex Matters

Making time for sex is paramount for romantic relationships. It sounds primitive, but sex is an essential foundation; Still, many still fail to set aside time to get cozy together. That’s where scheduling sex can spice things up.

Of course, creating a sex schedule isn’t the sexiest idea. However, life is hectic, people are busy, and it’s not uncommon for intercourse to fall by the wayside. Couples that make time for sex – even though their lives are busy – last longer. It’s an act that maintains powerful romantic and emotional bonds; thus, if it lacks, so does the relationship – eventually.

Also, some couples aren’t as confident sexually as others, which may lead to reduced communication. Talking openly about sex, desires, and fantasies can really help. Heck, to inject even more fun between the sheets and form stronger bonds, experimenting can work wonders. Sex toys are very popular these days and can boost relationships in ways never imagined. Even exploring an adult shop together is an exciting prospect that fosters love and turns people on – check out the best sex toy store in the local area or online and see what goodies look appealing.

Hold Hands

This tip is super cheesy – but it’s a simple act that means a lot. Typically, the smallest gestures make the biggest difference in a relationship. Holding hands is one of them. Look at any of the world’s longest-lasting couples, and they’re often seen holding hands – whether they’ve been together eight months, eight years, or eight decades. 

It’s a symbol of love and connection felt right in the heart, and it’s so easy to do – so much so that most loved-up couples don’t even think twice about it. It turns a physical bond into an emotional sentiment – so link up those palms and intertwine fingers to amp up the love.

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