3 Recommended Natural Skin Care Products For Busy Men

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When work piles up and there are so many things to do, skin care could be the last thing on your mind. Think of it as an investment to take better care of yourself. This applies to both women and men and if you’re in the latter demographic, skin care may not be on top of your self-care list but there are a lot of reasons you should consider incorporating it into your everyday routine.

If your job requires you to face a lot of people daily, then you should know that presentation is important. Your work should speak for itself but you add something more if you carry yourself well. That means that in addition to conducting yourself professionally, you should also be well-dressed and groomed.

If you can’t stand the thought of primping yourself too much, you don’t have to. In fact, just a good haircut, trimmed facial hair, and a good skin care routine should be enough. Over time, synthetic products with a lot of chemicals in them will do you more harm than good so ditch them and go for organic or all-natural skin care products instead. Check out some items below that may interest you:

Face Cleanser

Ever used a facial wash that’s too harsh on your skin? The tight feeling after you rinse the soap or the red skin you see after you use a product, those are some of the signs that your facial cleanser is not right for your skin. You may be allergic to some ingredients or simply the harsh chemicals just don’t agree with your skin.

Give an organic face cleanser a try. There are many variants and types you can choose from. Make sure to read the labels and go for products that are made with organic oils and other good stuff like shea butter. There are a variety of cleansers in different forms: bar, foam type, and gel, just to name a few.

Natural Body Soap

Surely, you’re not thinking of using one soap for your whole body? Unless you have perfect skin and don’t have any skin allergies and in a perfect world, this can be possible. Most soaps used on the body are not suitable for the face because the latter is more sensitive and prone to irritation and blemishes. That is why you need a separate face cleanser to take care of that.

Bath soap is expected to clean the whole body but what if using it alone is not enough to get rid of dead skin and grime? You need an exfoliating but natural men’s soap with organic ingredients including green tea and passionflower to nourish and smoothen your skin. The essential oils in natural body soaps also leave a refreshing fragrance that is great for jumpstarting your day.

Daily Face Moisturizer

Regardless of what skin type you have, you need to moisturize daily and preferably after washing your face. Ever had that feeling of feeling dry and itchy after cleansing? The reason may be that your cleanser is too harsh for you or that it contains a lot of alcohol that strips your skin of its natural oils and moisture.

That is why you need a face moisturizer so you can return the moisture that was lost and prevent the skin from drying out too much throughout the day. Make it a habit to read labels on your skin care products and trash ones that contain harmful chemicals like alcohol. Switch to organic products that are made with skin-friendly ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba, and aloe vera.

Start Small

More and more men are into the habit of having a daily skin care routine nowadays. If you’ve only just started, it can be hard to get into if you’ve never used more than a bar of soap daily in the shower. Starting small and adding products that will be essential in keeping your skin smooth and clear can go a long way in maintaining your appearance. You can always add and do more later if you’ve become more willing to invest in self-care.

What are skin care products that men should own? Share your tips in the comments below.

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