3 Memorable Party Themes Your Child’s Party

Choosing a birthday party theme year after year can be exhausting. Birthday celebrations for children have evolved into social gatherings and children take tremendous delight in how they commemorate their special day. As a parent, especially with more than one child, it can be hard to be creative as each child’s birthday approaches. Some concepts are more popular than others and it is up to the party planner (or budget keeper) how far to take the theme.


Toy trends come and go, but there are a few childhood fads that never go out of style, like dinosaurs. This is a popular theme for boys and girls alike. Some children are obsessed with learning the names of all the dinosaurs and memorizing their unique characteristics, and this has been found to promote effective information-processing skills. Children are said to be more alert with an increased attention span when they show a passion for learning facts about dinosaurs. Dinosaur fascination also aids children in comprehending the earth’s timeline and appreciating that magnificent, fascinating creatures existed before the human race.

Dinosaur themed decorations are fairly easy to source or these can be crafted by the children before the party. Balloons with added heads, legs, and spikes make colourful centrepieces. Dino themed cakes and snacks are also not difficult: think fruit on skewer sticks. Fossil digs are easily accomplished by hiding plastic toys in a sandpit for the mini archaeologists to unearth.


Unicorns are another very popular theme. Unicorns have regained popularity in recent times but this does not appear to be a trend that is limited to one season. Unicorns are mythical horse-like creatures with a single horn, which is thought to be endowed with magical abilities. Unicorns first appeared in Mesopotamian art and were also depicted in Chinese and Indian mythology. Unicorns have evolved into a variety of forms over the millennia.

With this one, the planner can decide to let the children make their own unicorn headbands. Each child can be encouraged to create a unicorn name for themselves. Glow in the dark stickers and colouring kits make perfect takeaway gifts. Finding Unicorns stocks a wide variety of craft goods, party accessories and dress-up items. Anything rainbow, whimsical themed can fit into this theme so the planner can be creative. Glitter slime is a popular addition to this theme.


A circus-themed birthday party is one of the most iconic of all birthday party themes. Clowns and jugglers, as well as cotton candy and popcorn vendors, are a must-have for circus-themed parties. The invitation can be designed to look like an old-fashioned circus ticket. A unique twist may be a fortune-teller that tells the youngsters which cartoon character they were in a previous life. The venue or party room can be decorated with streamers fashioned into a big top style centre point. Red and white stripes are easy to achieve on everything from the tablecloths to the cupcake holders to the party packs. This is a theme where the planner can let the creative juices flow. A magician can even be hired for the party, or dad or uncle can don a top hat and be employed to take on the job!

Each theme is so unique that the children will be transported to other worlds as they make memories of a lifetime.

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