3 Main Factors That Make You A Good Plastic Surgery Candidate

The most recent data available for plastic or cosmetic surgery say around 11.36 million procedures were performed in 2019. Alongside that, another 13.6 million non-surgical procedures were performed in the same year. Overall, the numbers suggest a 7.1% increase in the total number of plastic surgery procedures from the previous year. While Brazil leads with 1.49 million procedures, the US ranks second with over 1.35 million surgeries in 2019.

However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for plastic or cosmetic surgery. To elaborate, any plastic surgery candidate is first verified with some factors before being considered ready for the procedure.

A good candidate for plastic surgery is usually the one who is fit enough for the treatment. The person must not be under any serious medical condition. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the person is not a patient with any disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiac problems.

Besides that, one who is a frequent smoker, drinker, or has any definite addiction is a poor plastic surgery candidate. These things hinder the recovery stage of patients who have undergone surgery. It also increases the risks of post-surgery complications. For example, alcohol addicts have very weak immune systems. It increases the risk of post-surgery infections.

Factors that Approve Candidates for Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures are a safe and effective process to meet aesthetic goals. With a professional board-certified plastic surgeon, one can work on anything. Most surgeons determine whether you are a good plastic surgery candidate from the following factors.

1.            One must be in overall Good Health.

Before undergoing the procedure, it must be concluded that the person is a good and healthy candidate. Whether you are interested in undergoing treatment for a tummy tuck or breast augmentation, one must be in overall good health. That means they must not have any chronic health issues that are under treatment or are yet to be treated. In such cases, one needs to stabilize their health issues first before proceeding ahead.

The most crucial considerations must be made so as to ensure your health stays uncompromised even after the procedure. In general, plastic surgery can be risky for candidates who –

  • Have a weak or compromised immune system.
  • Have a habit of smoking.
  • Are overweight or obese.
  • Have alcohol addiction.
  • Does not have a positive medical history.
  • Have chances of getting adverse reactions to anesthetic procedures.

One should always be transparent about their lifestyle and health habits to the surgeon. It is essential for their safety after the plastic surgery process is completed.

2.            One must be Emotionally Ready

People usually expect their physical selves to take a toll from plastic surgery. But, it must be understood that the procedure also takes a hit on one’s mental health. One must be mentally or emotionally ready and prepared for the cosmetic surgery journey. Knowing this will only ensure that the process can be completed with ease.

Most plastic surgeons care about their patients’ minds, bodies, and spirits. They screen their psychological health also to have an idea of what their patients expect from the surgery. Indeed, for most of them, the surgery results are about boosting their self-confidence. But, if one expects plastic surgery to end all their life’s problems, now is the time to rethink twice.

Some of the most popular tips to prepare yourself mentally for the treatment includes:

  • Performing extensive research to know what the surgery procedure is precisely going to offer.
  • Doing enough research on the surgeon to have complete confidence in them for the surgery.
  • Understand that the recovery process might take more than usual time in some cases.

Moreover, the recovery stage is sometimes long and difficult for some people. Regardless, one needs to believe in the good results that are soon to be achieved.

3.            One must Acknowledge all Surgical Risks.

Even if you are a good plastic surgery candidate, you must understand that some usual surgical risks persist. This is something that every candidate should understand and acknowledge before they get ready for the procedure. However, one also needs to know that these are usual surgical risks, and most patients might not have them.

The risks are –

  • Chances of developing blood clots
  • Infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Getting scars on the body
  • Neural issues that might result in numbness in a skin area.

Final Words

Any suitable plastic surgery candidate must be prepared to listen to their surgeon no matter what. Following what the surgeon says is crucial before and after the plastic surgery procedure. It is also essential to follow their words if one needs to have the most satisfactory results.

Besides that, another thing worth keeping in mind is that the healing phase can vary from one person to another. There is no absolute or fixed time, and some patients might take more time than usual.

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