3 Inspirational People From The Music Biz

The music industry is perhaps one of the most vibrant and sectors we have in the modern world. What started out as a relatively small business centuries ago is now a lucrative and luxurious industry, with a plethora of artists and people working behind the scenes to bring the sounds to the people. Of course, in such a vast industry there are certain people who emerge, both on the stage and behind the curtain, as frontrunners and leaders. Here are a few examples of some of the most influential people to ever grace the scene, and the lasting legacies they’ve created.

Coran Capshaw – manager

Behind every great artist is a great manager, and Coran Capshaw is a clear example of executing that role to perfection. He began his descent into the industry in the early 1990s, an interesting time for the music world in general. The Internet as we know it today was being established at the hands of Tim Berners-Lee, and Capshaw saw progression in the market by linking up music with tech. This management technique propelled Capshaw to success with his primary group the Dave Matthew Band, and he now has a selection of artists linked to his roster. He won the Pollstar Manager of the Year Award three times and had been nominated for it on a further fifteen occasions. On top of this, he is also famed for his philanthropy and charity work, for which he received Billboard’s Humanitarian Award in 2011.

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Frankie Valli – performer

Music has come a long way since the 1950s and 1960’s, with the injection of rock and roll spawning iconic acts like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and many of the modern rock outfits we know of today. However, it is fairly unlikely that any of those modern acts would exist if it weren’t for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Italian-American Frankie Valli scored 29 top 40 hits as lead singer of the Four Seasons, and he quickly became regarded for his uniquely powerful falsetto voice. With Valli at their helm, the Four Seasons set the trademark for many an upbeat, rock and roll tune, and their songs are still popular today. Frankie himself still performs at the age of 83.

Rick Rubin – producer

Rick Rubin is a name that most people have heard of, even if they have no previous knowledge of the music industry. American-born Rubin was the co-founder of Columbia Records and is regarded as one of the most successful producers in the world. Much of his work was influenced by the work he produced in his senior years of high school, where he founded what was to later become Def Jam records. Def Jam and much of Rubin’s subsequent work produced after its formation leant heavily on hip-hop music. However, he has since worked with a huge variety of bands from all different genres – including Slipknot, Johnny Cash, Adele and Justin Bieber. His trademark production style is said to be the ‘stripped down’ approach, focusing in particular on so-called naked vocals and bare instrumentation.

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