3 Incredible Eco Friendly Kitchen Must Haves

The buzz words of the moment are ‘sustainable’, ‘green’ and ‘eco friendly’. It’s more important than ever, with the rise of popular public figures like Greta Thunberg, that we implement an environmentally aware attitude across every facet of our lives. Perhaps, you are keen to look into where your food is coming from, where your clothes are made, and how sustainable your furniture is. Forget shopping for the most on trend sofa, and instead, think about how many miles it has traveled to arrive in your living room. When it comes to kitchens, we want to create a hub of the home and somewhere that feels warm, comfortable and fit for purpose. You can create an eco friendly kitchen that ticks all of these boxes.

eco friendly kitchen

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The units that you choose for your kitchen will be the most integral part of your new room. Kitchen renovations needn’t be dictated by glossy interiors magazines, and should instead be dictated by your loves, your needs and your sustainable attitude to design. The cabinets you choose should be made from sustainable birch plywood or melamine MDF. Make sure that there are few chemical additives, and that you source a unit that uses recycled chipboard. The cabinets that you finally install need to be fit for purpose so look for the integrated wine cooler, the pull out larder and the deep pan drawers. These are all possible in an eco friendly kitchen.

Sinks And Work Tops

The sink that you choose for your kitchen can make the look of your new room industrial chic or country cottage. Stainless steel sinks are achingly cool and are often recycled from old restaurant kitchens making them a good sustainable choice. For the country cottage look, you don’t have to head to your local kitchen showroom, and can instead scour the local reclamation yards in an attempt to source a classic Belfast sink. These deep enamel sinks are expertly crafted from the Victorian era and will last infinitely longer than any modern equivalent.

Your worktops can also utilize stainless steel. While the marble quartz look is very in at the moment, it might not be sustainable. Instead go for recycled wood which can be oiled and have a natural grain. Or opt for the FSC certified engineered laminates that have the same look, yet none of the environmental issues attached to it.

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White Goods

Just because the dishwasher that you have your eye on is ludicrously expensive doesn’t make it environmentally friendly. Consider the energy rating on any appliance that you are looking to buy. Ensure that you purchase a dishwasher or fridge freezer with at least an A+ energy rating. This way, you will be using less energy to run the appliance, helping the environment and saving you money in the process.

Trying to be aware of environmental issues when renovating your kitchen can seem difficult. However, by following this guide, you don’t have to surrender your creative flair when searching for the ultimate eco friendly kitchen.

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