3 High-Tech Changes in Business Tech That Are Improving Companies Everywhere

The key to success is harnessing the latest technological innovations that will improve efficiency, reduce overhead cost, drive profit margins, and – most importantly – keep you in step with the competition.

You can’t get left in the dust, stuck in your outdated operational processes, and expect to stay in the green. Take a look at these three high-tech innovations that are revolutionizing the business world to ensure your business is up to speed.

1. Voice Dictation Software

If you’re still typing emails or writing notes by hand, it’s time for an upgrade. Voice dictation software streamlines your documentation process by recording your words and translating them to text. Take Dragon Speech Recognition as a prime example. This product helps you work faster and smarter simply by speaking!

Need to report an accident on the jobsite? Just pull out your Dragon for safer and more complete reporting. Whether your business is in a law enforcement, legal, or commercial industry, voice dictation can increase your productivity with accurate transcriptions.

Even budding entrepreneurs stand to benefit from one of these products because they can effortlessly record any idea that comes to mind on-the-go, eliminating the need to frantically search for a piece of paper and decipher illegible handwriting at the end of the day.

2. Fleet Management Systems

Anything you use probably got to you by truck. Think about it! Wherever it came from – by train or boat – had to make its way from the loading dock to your home via truck. This includes delivery drivers, freight haulers, and interstate truckers that deliver products from warehouses or storage facilities to retailers or, better yet, straight to your front door.

This poses a business problem, however, as cargo can be incredibly difficult to keep track of and trace across states, between vendors, and in the transfer of drivers – until now! Recent innovations in fleet tracking make it easy to manage shipments, prevent losses, improve routes, and provide accurate arrival estimations.

Remember the times you’re forced to wait at home for four or more hours according to the cable guy’s window of arrival? Those days are over. Business owners are leveraging this technology to time-track who is where and how long they spend at each destination… and customers love it! If you need to track shipping containers OpenTrack is a great platform that makes tracking easy. It is integrated with all major carriers, railroad and terminals.

Virtually every industry depends on a fleet of vehicles in one way or another – from eCommerce shoppers, pizza delivery, grocery produce, and beyond – so whether you implement this management system yourself or enjoy the perks your supplier offers, it’s definitely a noteworthy business innovation to keep your eye on.

3. Mobile Payment Solutions

As we approach 2020, it’s become abundantly clear that technology is revolutionizing everyday banking. This applies to both business and your personal life. You no longer need to make a trip to the bank to transfer money, read literature on how to navigate the complex stock market, or go to the ATM to withdraw cash and repay a friend.

Businesses also are also capitalizing on innovative banking features to increase efficiency. Between online ERP accounting software and mobile payment solutions, the opportunities accept and record transactions are endless.

Mobile credit card processing is especially interesting because it opens the door for small business owners and eliminates the barrier entry for most industries. With this technology, you no longer need to afford a brick and mortar storefront lease to provide goods or services to paying customers. You can simply open up shop at a farmer’s market to sell your hand-crafted items, or you can take your pool-cleaning service door-to-door thanks to companies like Square that allow you to take credit card payments from virtually anywhere in the world within a matter of seconds.


If you’re a business owner, it’s your duty to stay informed on the latest offerings in technology that can advance your growth. Technology improves every aspect of our daily lives, but when you harness its power and apply it to capitalist pursuit, the spike in profits are sure to follow. Whether you’re saving the environment or developing websites, you can find ways to improve your productivity and efficiency at every single corner thanks to all the solutions tech offers.



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