3 Essential Items to Bring During Your Wedding Gown Fitting

Author: Hannah Gilbert

New York City is a haven for shoppers. People from other states in the US and all over the world head over to the biggest metropolitan area worldwide to browse through hundreds of shops and boutiques in the city. They would roam around SoHo to find interesting fashion pieces and vintage designer clothes on a budget, while those who can spend more on high-end products visit the shops in Madison Avenue.

Future brides also book a trip to The Big Apple before their wedding day. Most of them want to find their perfect dress in some of the most popular shops selling wedding dresses in NYC. This practice became more famous after several TV shows featured some brides as they hunted for their dream dresses for their wedding day. 

If you want to try out different wedding dresses in NYC, here are some of the essential items that you need to bring during your fitting appointment.  

Item #1: Your Bridal Shoes

Taking the pair of shoes that you plan to wear during your wedding gown fitting is necessary to help you make a major decision for your big day. It will let you know how long the gown should be if you want it altered for your height. 

Typically, the regular wedding gown that you can find in the racks of shops selling wedding dresses in NYC tends to be very long. By wearing your shoes, the alterations team will make the crucial adjustments based on your height and the height of the heels. If you have yet to buy your wedding shoes, you can bring something that has the same heel size as your ideal footwear that the alteration specialist can use as a guide. 

Item #2: Your Undergarments

If you intend to use a spanx or a push-up bra underneath your wedding dress, you must wear it during the day of your initial fitting. It will let the alteration staff determine which parts of the dress need alteration before the big day. 

Trying out gowns with your preferred undergarments allow you to know if it can cause issues like visible panty line, peeking bra straps, or creases due to tight spanx. If you address it prior to your wedding day, you will be able to feel more comfortable and confident while wearing your chosen gown. 

Item #3: Accessories

Some brides choose to use the veil and jewellery pieces of their mothers or other important women in their life. If you are one of them, you must bring your accessories to the bridal shop during your first fitting day. It will let you find a dress that matches the heirloom pieces that you want to wear on your big day. 

You can also wear the hair accessories that you want to put on during your wedding day. It will give you an idea on which neckline to choose for your gown. 

Aside from these items, you must always bring special people in your life during your wedding dress hunting in NYC. Ideally, your maid of honour must be right by your side as you look for a dress. She will help you pick the right one based on what she thinks is best for your body shape. Also, spending this special moment with your mother is ideal before your wedding day. She would want to be one of the first people who can see you in a wedding dress before you walk down the aisle.

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