3 Chic Fabrics to Wear this Autumn

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Autumn – everyone loves it, despite the weather being slightly unpredictable. Light showers, damp patches, cool night time air, it’s changeable to say the least. Which can make picking out the perfect autumn outfit rather difficult!

That’s why your autumn wardrobe needs careful consideration, to ensure that you dress perfectly for the weather. It’s difficult, but don’t despair! We’ve got 3 chic autumn fabrics, which are guaranteed to be perfect for you this autumn.

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Cashmerecashmere, winsor london

Cashmere may not be first on your list for autumn clothes, but there’s a lot to be said for an extra layer of cashmere on a not-so-warm evening.

With a soft finish and timeless elegance, pure cashmere turns every autumn ensemble into a classic, high quality outfit.

Choosing a pale hue like slate grey or pastel is a great way to break up your winter darkness and include some form of color in your wardrobe. Perfect every time!

Cashmere also absorbs moisture and has certain properties that mean it regulates temperature. It creates the most suitable environment for your skin, therefore cooling you down on those very hot days and warming you up on a colder evening.

cotton poplinCotton poplin

Cotton poplin is a great addition to any wardrobe, and these dresses have an elegant glamour. It’s light and stretchy properties mean that it can be slipped on, whenever you want.

Cotton has been used for years and is especially good for any occasion. When mixed with a fabric weave called poplin the material becomes durable and strong, whilst keeping all of the ideal cotton properties.

The fabric won’t hug or cling to your body, which allows for a light breeze and is completely effortless to wear.

Cotton poplin will easy become a favorite addition to your wardrobe.

Silksilk, winser london

Whether it’s a classy dinner or a night-time chill that you are trying to combat, silk is a great fabric choice for your autumn garments.

Silk is seriously stunning and an unbeatable addition to any autumn wardrobe. Light, airy and breathable, it’s literally perfect for the warm and unpredictable autumn weather.

You won’t find many materials much more versatile than this!

Silk is made from protein, so it is a fully natural fabric. The beautiful shiny material reflects the light and therefore keeps you cool wherever you are. And it feels simply heavenly against your skin.

So you can make sure that your outfit looks chic and on point, no matter what the weather decides to do!

I hope this article has been of some use for you when selecting your next autumn outfits. And don’t forget – if you want style, beauty and elegance then I’m sure you will find something at Winser London.

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