24K gold plated Rolls Royce Flying lady

Rolls Royce, Nora Gouma, Flying Lady, Hood ornament

I’ve been busy with my art collection. I create art inspired by cars I like to use car parts like hood ornaments. And I recently learned to gold plate sculptures. I prefer using gold and I like working with the colors red, white and blue. I also made a sculpture based on the interior of the Rolls Royce Fenice Milano Purple Ghost.

For inquires about my artwork email info@noragouma.com

Rolls Royce, Nora Gouma, Flying lady, hood ornament, gold plated

My artwork: 24k gold plated Rolls Royce “flying lady” sculpture


Nora Gouma, Rolls Royce, art, flying lady

24 K Gold Rolls Royce
“Flying Lady” sculpture

nora gouma, Rolls Royce, contemporary art

My 24k gold leaf sculpture inspired by the Rolls Royce Fenice Milano Purple Ghost

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