20 things to do when you’ve been dumped

So you are so dumped? What to do the next day after you’ve been dumped. It’s easy to say snap out of it, and move forward. Here’s what the new blog “You are so Dumped” has to say on how to get over being dumped, in fact they shared 20 Tips, so read on, its a funny and light take on life’s serious blow. One thing’s for sure though, nobody wants to be dumped, but if you got dumped its not the end of the world, in fact, view it as a brand new day of a new and different you. Read more at You are so Dumped.

1. Smile even though it pains you.
2. Ride a bus, observe people, each of them are also going through something, like you.
3. Get a baseball cap. It will add variety, color and styles to your life. And yes a little cheer.
4. Bring back your spicy. Order something spicy the next time you go out. Nothing changed.
You’re still you.
5. Remember, it was a planned dumped or it wouldn’t have happened at all.
6. The first thing to realize after you’ve got dumped is that the initial reaction is shock.
7. Learn how to make a new dessert. Divert your attention into something productive.
8. Go out with friends. Hang out with your buddies. Fill that void with people who wants to
be around you.
9. It’s hard to talk about it. You need silence in your life. Take a walk alone. Watch a movie
alone. Go to your favorite coffee place alone.
10. Don’t jump on a new relationship immediately. You need time to figure things out, and
time to find out exactly where you are right now, emotionally speaking.
11. Order a Happy Meal. Yes, the inner kid is still alive and kicking.
12. Shop at a Fleamarket, bargains can always bring cheer.
13. Regardless how you’re not fond of your mom’s advise ’cause she’s always right, talk to her.
14. If you feel that you need professional intervention, don’t hesitate. Talk to someone.
15. Learn scuba diving, hike that mountain you’ve been planning for years and yes try something kayak.
16. Spend more time with your pet.
17. Deactivate your social media. You need a break from all of these channels. It will help you, believe me.
18. Visit a gallery, something fancy will always work and divert you.
19. Watch a concert and when you get home, take a very long shower.
20. One thing to remember the person who dumped you will always look back with a hint of sadness.

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