15 Ways You Can Revamp Your Personal Style

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People change their personal style every day, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a complete closet overhaul to achieve the new look you want. In fact, there are small steps you can take each day which will help you reach the new look you are hoping for. Whether it be to show off some new found confidence, or to celebrate a new change in your life, revamping your personal style can be an excellent way for you to feel great about yourself and reinvent parts of yourself that you want to improve. To help you in your quest to revamping your look, you can follow some small but useful tips.

Clean out your closet

Before you can think about having a change in your style, you need to consider how much space you have in your wardrobe. You also need to make sure you have enough money to achieve the look you want. Having a closet clear out will help you do both of these things, as you can throw out all the clothes you no longer want or need, determine your style in the process, and sell some of your old clothes online to buy new clothes with.

Experiment with different clothes

The biggest key to unlocking a new style is not being afraid to try new styles and to be aware that it is almost impossible to wake up one morning with a whole new look. Make sure you take the time to experiment with styles you might like, as you could find yourself stepping into a new look that you never dreamed of, but which encapsulates your personal style perfectly.

Buy vintage clothing

One way that people go about changing their style is by looking to the past for inspiration. Often, this means making use of their parents’ old clothes and adding them to modern day outfits. This can include anywhere from vintage knits to seventies flares, but you can also find lots of items like this in specialist vintage stores for a good price.

Go retro

One of the most popular ways people like wearing vintage clothing is to go retro, which means buying new clothing that takes style elements from all kinds of fashion eras. If you are not prepared to go for a whole new vintage look, then this is a great way of bringing the past into your fashion future. Retro t-shirts are often the way to go with this, and you can make them even more personal by personalizing them with specialist stores online. This t-shirt company uses screen printing techniques to bring ordinary t-shirts to life and emulate the past.

Add a pop of color

When you are clearing out your wardrobe, you may find that it is filled with much less color that you were hoping for. This is a common wardrobe problem that many people find themselves falling into, but it is also one that can be easily solved. Every time you go to the shops, look for pieces that have bright colors on them, which you can easily incorporate into your existing wardrobe. This will also help your confidence grow as you feel more comfortable wearing brighter patterns and colors, but you can even find which colors suit you best and use them to your advantage to show off certain aspects of yourself, like your hair or your eyes.

Wear jewelry

People often start their color journey by wearing statement earrings or bright necklaces, but there are many other reasons why jewelry can add a distinctly personal touch to your style. Mainly, they can bring your outfit to life in ways you would never have thought, but they are also ideal for wearing family heirlooms with pride and showing off your creative side if you make your own jewelry.

Take inspiration from friends

Everybody finds themselves stuck sometimes in fashion and looking at lots of magazines and online stores often does more to confuse them than offer any help. This is where using your friends as a source of inspiration is a great way to revamp your look. This doesn’t mean copy their exact outfits, but to look at the way they dress for their figure, which styles they like to follow, and how they make use of color. Luckily, they will be able to offer their assistance if you are stuck on where to shop.

Smile more

It has been said many times that a smile can transform someone’s face. Smiling more does wonders for your confidence, and can be the best accessory you can wear, even if you’re not feeling great. If you are someone who likes to bring joy to everyone’s day with your look, then having a perpetual smile is irrevocably the best way of doing this. However, it is natural to be worried about your teeth not looking their best, so you can always follow a number of home whitening solutions which will help your smile shine every day.

Restyle your hair

People forget that style doesn’t stop at clothes, and you want your hair to reflect the look you have chosen to follow. Having a small or drastic change can be the key to completely reinventing yourself, such as having a new color put over it, a restyle, or a chop. This can be a big leap for people to take, but you can find ways to express yourself through your hair once you have found a style that frames your face wonderfully.

Don’t shy away from sportswear

It is easy to step into the mainstream style and not want to add elements of sports into your look, but if sports are an important part in your life, you can emulate this in what you wear. Such a trend is called sports-luxe, which means you can dress sportswear such as sneakers and track pants into something more. Tips on how you can follow the sports luxe trend are rife online, but make sure you find the right ones if you can to get this style revamp right.

Make your own clothes

Some people love having their personal style injected into each item of clothing, and making their own is often the key to doing this. These can be anywhere from simple top patterns, to melding together different fabrics and styles to make something that is truly unique. Though this can be a tricky road to go down if you are not a whizz on a sewing machine, you can learn quickly if you put lots of practice in.

Repurpose old clothes

It can be a difficult task to make your own clothes, which is why repurposing can sometimes be the best way to go if you are still willing to show your personal stamp. The most popular way people do this is by using a family member’s old shirts to form into dresses or clothing sets. In some cases, you can trawl through thrift shops to buy clothes at a discounted price, before setting yourself to work to experiment with new creations.

Knit your sweaters

If you are keen to unleash your creative side in your new wardrobe, then you can always try your hand at knitting your own sweaters and cardigans. This is one of the best ways of injecting your own style into what you wear, as you can be assured that nobody else will be wearing what you have made. Even if you don’t knit, learning to can be a fun way for you to bring your style up to date with winter trends from the comfort of your own chair.

Take makeup classes

It can sometimes not be the clothes you wear which you are struggling to keep up to date with the style you love. In many cases, it can be that people don’t know how to put the finishing touches on their makeup to complete their look. Learning how to apply makeup is a great way of adding some more color to your style, but it can also help you decide if you want to follow a more natural palette or one which focuses on contouring the face. In any case, the rise of makeup fashion has lead to many tutorials being posted online, which are there to help people break the mold.

Go to second-hand stores

Making use of second-hand stores won’t just be a great way of supplying clothes to repurpose. In fact, you can find some hidden gems among the rubble if you put time into searching for them. although thrift stores are one of the best places to find such clothes, you can use online goldmines like eBay as a way of refining your search. From vintage items to finding some clothes you wanted but have gone out of stock in other stores, there is something on there for everyone. If you are lucky, you can find clothes that won’t have been worn, and still, have the tags attached, so you don’t have to worry about the quality being compromised.

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