15 Tattoos for Women That Can Enhance Your Beauty

The main purpose of female tattoos is to enhance and beautify the body. Despite this area of culture is relatively new for women, nowadays lots of girls turn to tattoos to emphasize their beauty, attract attention to themselves by means of a true piece of art (that’s how amazing modern tats can be!). Besides, it’s a good way to express yourself, hiding an important (sometimes even personal) message in a picture or a sign on your own skin.

Girls usually choose light and elegant images for their tattoos: they tend to tenderness, romanticism and thorough thoughtfulness of each stroke.

Take a look at our gallery to find some inspiration for a tattoo of your dream!

  1. Black & White Spine Tattoo


Such pretty floral pattern would brighten up a delicate female back, adding notes of nobility and tenderness. Perfect for dresses with no back, this beautiful tattoo is just as good as high-value jewelry at any age.

  1. Sweet Arm Tattoo


So clean and soft – this one is meant for romantic girls. Besides its lightness and even weightlessness, this arm tattoo stands out for its tasteful color combination that matches almost any outfit you would choose.

  1. Tender Floral Side Tat for Ladies


Unbox yourself with black and white floral perfection – a wonderful side tattoo that stretches from back to the breast. There is no doubt it’s done in style, moreover, this cutie can easily hide under any top or dress when you feel that it’s out of line for the current occasion.

  1. Fresh Idea for Bright Girls


If you’re bored with all those rules and taboos that the modern world dictates to us, a bright, colorful tattoo can become a good way to break them legally. Besides… Isn’t it a true art?

  1. Flirty Thigh Mandala


A nice thigh mandala can become not only visual but also practical enhancement for your body. Wanna cover some small stretch marks? Here’s an ideal way to.

  1. Little Lotus Tattoo Detail


Sometimes little things mean far more than a big stuff. On the one hand, it’s a sacred symbol with deep meaning, on the other – a pretty detail that does make a difference in the way this delicate part of a female body looks.

  1. Gorgeous Rose Tattoo with a Letter


Isn’t this one a catchy expression of the best feminine characteristics – beauty and wisdom? A scarlet rose with deep roots is something will never get out of fashion – neither in a real life nor at a tattoo parlor.

  1. Cute Tiny Ear Tattoo


Ear tattoos came into fashion quite recently, however, they’ve already managed to become a women’s favorite. Simple but elegant – that’s a motto of tats like this.

  1. Monochromatic Side Tattoo Design


Lace lingerie is like a pretty wrapping for a lady’s body, but how about when you’re without it? A professional tattoo is even better than any bra or jewel – always on top, always on you.

  1. Incredible Graphic Shoulder Tat


Meet another graphic floral design for graceful women’s shoulders.

  1. Trash Polka Tattoo Trend For Chicks


Black and red trash polka tattoos are surprisingly popular nowadays not only with men but also women. The aim of this anti-glamour tendency is to show that even the most awful and nasty things can look attractive (especially on a female body).

  1. Girlish Calf Tattoo Idea


That’s how you can highlight a natural beauty of your legs. Worry that it may be inappropriate for the office? No problem – a pantsuit will handle it!

  1. Delicate Ink Shoulder Touch


A colorful tattoo on the shoulder is able to turn any woman into a magnificent princess.

  1. Amazing Thigh Art


Amazing art, isn’t it? Looking at this fantastic thigh tattoo, it’s impossible to say that such patterns don’t enhance women’s beauty and sexuality.

  1. Cute Shoulder Floral Tattoo


And the final idea for today – a magical design for a modern queen.

Did you enjoy these tattoo vibes? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!


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