13 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? You’ll want to choose something that makes her feel warm inside and reminds her that you are grateful that she’s your mom. Her personality, hobbies, and lifestyle can clue you into what types of gifts she would enjoy. Here are 13 gift ideas to please different types of mothers.

1. The Fashionable Mom

Fashionable moms often dress up and put a lot of time into their appearance. They love receiving fashion-related gifts, especially those that make maintaining their looks easier. Trendy purses and clothing are common choices. If you’re trying to think outside the box, look into accessories like hair stylers or luxurious robes.


Gift Idea 1: Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler

This styler can smooth, shape and curl Mom’s hair. Airwrap’s intelligent heat control prevents heat damage by measuring the heat 40 times per second. The styler is great for hiding flyaway hairs, too. It features enhanced Coanda airflow to wrap hair around the barrel or the brush. Mom can switch to a cold shot to set her style once she’s done. A storage case comes with the product to protect it from damage.


Gift Idea 2: Silk Robe

Many people enjoy silk clothing, pillowcases, and bed sheets. A silk robe is another luxurious gift idea. We love Lunya’s washable long silk robe. It keeps Mom comfortable on hot or chilly nights by using thermoregulation to maintain a comfortable body temperature. The robe has an interior tie, a removable exterior belt, and pockets. You can find it in white, black, blue, or tan.


Gift Idea 3: Blouses

mother's day


Cute blouses are another gift idea to consider. She may keep her purses and robes for years but enjoy updating her wardrobe with new styles of blouses every spring.


2. The Mom Who Needs Pampering

Even if your mom doesn’t do a lot of self-care, buying her one of these gifts could give her the green light that she may need to pamper herself.


Gift Idea 4: Eye Mask

An eye mask can help Mom sleep better. Two of our top choices are the Pink All Satin Eye Mask and the NodPod Sleep Mask. Satin feels comfortable, allowing Mom to fall asleep with the mask on easily. Another benefit of satin is that it keeps skincare products in place rather than absorbing them as cotton does. Because the elastic band is also made of satin, it prevents Mom’s hair from tangling overnight. This eye mask helps reduce dark circles under the eyes and other signs of fatigue.

Made of weighted fleece, the NodPod Sleep Mask works to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s machine washable and comes in pink and yellow options.


Gift Idea 5: Foot Massager

Moms are often on their feet a lot, so a foot massager is a thoughtful gift that will help relieve achy feet. The foot massager will also help Mom relax and release tension she might not have realized she was carrying.


Gift Idea 6: Luxury Shower Steamers

Mom doesn’t always have time to take a relaxing bath. That’s why luxury shower steamers are thoughtful gifts. They are like bath bombs but for the shower. We recommend the BodyRestore Shower Steamers Aromatherapy 15 Packs. They’re made with eucalyptus menthol essential oil to help alleviate stress and fatigue.


3. The Sentimental Mom

There are plenty of sentimental gifts besides picture frames that you could buy for your mom.


Gift Idea 7: “What I Love About Mom” Book

This book has journal prompts to help you list what you love about Mom. She’ll love flipping through the book whenever she’s feeling down. Going the journal route, you can find more sentimental books for Mom.


Gift Idea 8: Heart-of-Gold Bangle

If Mom likes gold jewelry, this is a sweet gift. Some bangles come with messages inscribed on the inside, such as the phrase “ Heart of Gold.”


4. The Adventurous Mom

Moms who travel a lot will appreciate gifts that make their journeys easier. Some ideas are travel cases and earbuds that are suitable for flights.


Gift Idea 9: Leather Travel Case Set

Look for luxury materials, such as leather that was tanned in an environmentally responsible way. Many sets come with two pouches. One is for travel-size toiletries, and the other is for makeup.


Gift Idea 10: Travel Jewelry Case

Does Mom need a better way of bringing her jewelry on her adventures? The Mark and Graham Small Cabana Stripe Travel Jewelry Case features compartments for storing earrings, necklaces, and rings. An interior mirror makes it easy for Mom to check her reflection on the go.


Gift Idea 11: Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter

With this Bluetooth wireless audio transmitter, mom can now use wireless earbuds while on a plane. She can plug the device into an ear jack that makes her earbuds compatible with airplane screens.


5. The Mom Who Gardens

Does Mom love flowers and plants? You could check her garden to see what she already has and find another plant that would complement what’s there. You could consider other gardening-related gifts like artwork, too.


Gift Idea 12: Azalea Outdoor Bonsai Tree


With beautiful funnel-shaped pink, white, purple, or red flowers, Azalea outdoor bonsai trees are beautiful gifts for Mother’s Day. Their flowers bloom from April to May. Cherry blossom trees are also gorgeous, with peak blooms from March to April.


Gift Idea 14: Birth Month Flower Print

You’ve heard of gemstone gifts for Mom, but what about a birth month flower print? This artwork uses the flowers for the birth months of Mom’s children to design a creative, beautiful Mother’s Day gift.


Mother’s Day Can Be Unique Every Year

The gifts above are great choices, and they can spark additional ideas. No matter how many years pass by, there’s always a creative gift that you can find to delight Mom. Let her personality, hobbies, or preferences be your guide.

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