12 Ways to Look Fabulous on a Budget


We all want to look stylish and fabulous every day. However, the reality is that many people cannot afford the designer pieces in the stores. The price of designer items may discourage you from shopping when you are on a budget. However, you do not need to shop from the most expensive stores in town to look fabulous. You can look stylish with any budget if you know to spend your money wisely. You probably have all the pieces you need to look stylish in your wardrobe already. A few changes to the way you wear your clothes and accessories will enhance your style instantly. Here are a few useful tips to help you look fabulous without spending a fortune.

1. Review Your Wardrobe

The first step to improving your sense of style is reviewing what you have been wearing or buying. Many of us have piles of clothes and shoes that we bought years ago but never wear. We tend to think that the more we buy the better our style gets. The truth is that if you have been buying the wrong stuff you will always have the same boring look. Review each item in your wardrobe and try it on. Do you really need all the torn and worn out jeans? It may be time to clear out all the clutter and replace old items with new stylish items. After removing all the items you no longer need, make a list of what you need to buy. For instance, you may find that you have been buying flat shoes and casual shoes for the past year. It may be time to add a few pairs of heels.

2. Always Shop with a List

You now know what is missing in your wardrobe. Carry the list with you every time you step out of the house. You can have a digital list on your mobile device. One of the things you will notice whenever you walk into a store is that everything looks fabulous. You always feel like you need to buy everything that fits. Realize that the sales personnel are out to sell as much as they can. Your list will help you avoid impulse buying. If you are disciplined, you will not fill your wardrobe with items that you will not wear for months. Go straight to the sections with the items you need, shop, and leave.

3. Go for Cheaper Alternatives

You may want to impress your friends with designer clothes, perfumes, shoes, handbags, and all. However, you cannot have such goals when shopping on a budget. Here is one tip that most people do not consider. Go to your favorite store and check the latest designer items on sale. Check the prices while at it and then go a cheaper store downtown. You will find similar items without the designer tag at almost half the price. You will still look fabulous without the designer label. Designers tend to imitate top trends and supply cheaper alternatives. The fabric and cut may be slightly different, but the quality of the items is in most cases better.

4. Be Careful with the Colors

It is advisable to stick to a few basic colors when shopping on a budget. Avoid picking items randomly. If you have a favorite color, pick items that go well with that color. Consider your hair color as well when choosing colors. For instance, if you wear your hair red most of the time, pick clothes, handbags, and shoes that go with red. The secret is to build your wardrobe around two or three basic colors that you like. Picking the basic colors will simplify your shopping. The good news is that most items come in different colors. You will definitely find your favorite items in colors that complement your wardrobe.

5. Go for Dainty Jewelry

Picking the right jewelry can enhance your look. You probably want to make a statement with costume pieces, but the pieces are expensive. You will also need to pick elegant outfits to go with costume jewelry. Go for delicate and simple charms and jewelry. Simple jewelry pieces look expensive when worn with stylish clothes.

6. Know When to Spend and When to Save

It helps to have a few designer pieces in your wardrobe, especially for special occasions. However, you need to know when you need to spend more money and when to save. Think about the items that you wear daily that communicate your style. For instance, you cannot step out without a handbag or clutch and a good pair of shoes. Buy the best of such items within your budget. You can spend less on casual items that you only wear on weekends. Be careful when shopping for an outfit for a special occasion. Do not spend all your money on an item that you will only wear once.

7. Enhance Your Style with Accessories

You can wear the same outfit differently by changing the accessories. Most people have piles of scarves and belts that lie idle in their wardrobes. It is time to make good use of your accessories. A simple dress will look expensive when paired with real necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The secret here is to ensure that your accessories do not look cheap. You do not need to spend your full salary on accessories, but you can get a few stylish pieces. Throwing a scarf or a belt on an outfit gives it a new look. You may not need to buy new accessories if you can use what you have creatively. When it comes to accessories nothing quite sets off your look like a luxury leather bag. There are some great affordable options available from Illicium, a London born British brand, offering the finest options in full-grain handmade leather bags and accessories, including leather duffle bags and leather backpacks. Exhibiting the perfect combination of modern style and traditional vintage English class.

8. Control Your Online Shopping

Shopping online is convenient and fast. You can easily compare prices and order an item with a few clicks. However, sometimes the convenience comes at a high price. You may end up spending more because of the shipping costs. In addition, you will be unable to try on the clothes before buying. If the item does not fit properly, you will have to pay more for adjustments. Limit online shopping to items that are sure to fit like charms, accessories, handbags, and jewelry. You can also shop for clothes online if you have a tailor that can make adjustments at a low cost.

9. Be Careful with Fabrics

An outfit may look cheap or expensive depending on the fabric. The rule here is to go for natural fabrics instead of manmade fabrics. Avoid manmade fabrics like acrylic and polyester. If you have tons of clothes in manmade fabrics, start replacing them with a few statement items in natural fabrics. The natural fabrics may cost slightly more than synthetic fabrics, but they fit better, look better, and last longer.

10. Dress Your Body Type and Size

You can buy stylish outfits, but if they do not suit your body size and type, they will look cheap. Determine the style that suits your body first if you have not figured it out already. It is never too late to correct your fashion mistakes. You can ask a designer for help if you are unsure about dressing your body type. Keep in mind that some fashionable items may not fit your body type. As indicated earlier, it is always advisable to focus on style and not fashion. A new trend will come along that may or may not fit your body shape and size.

11. Buy Second-Hand Items

New designer clothes and accessories are expensive. You can get the same items at a low price if you shop in second-hand stores. You may also find the same items at estate and yard sales. Do not shy away from such sales if you are on a budget. Sometimes people resell an item after wearing it once and sometimes the item still has the tag on. Some second-hand stores specialize in designer items. Visit such stores often and check what is available.

12. Shop off Season

Last but not least, shop or buy items off-season. Stores tend to market clothes that are in season. Designers come up with new collections for every new season. It is tempting to buy new items for the new season. You will spend a lot if you follow such trends. Instead, shop for the next season before it actually starts. For instance, you can shop for summer or spring clothes when it is winter. You will find fair prices for such items and enjoy amazing discounts. Again, the secret is to get stylish items that will still look fashionable in the new season.


You can look stylish and fashionable all the time and with any budget if you know where, when and how to shop. Start by clearing your wardrobe of items that you no longer need and determine what you need to add to enhance your style. Buying a few stylish items that suit your body type is better than filling your wardrobe with multiple items that you may never wear. These and the other tips outlined in this article will help you transform your wardrobe. The bottom line is that you can look fabulous every day at any budget.

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