11 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles for the Dreamy Bride

Did you know that about 30% of couples in the U.S. use a wedding planner?

This industry which coordinates the details of a couple’s wedding is valued at one billion dollars. Anyone will tell you that that’s a thriving business. There are currently around 39,781 wedding planning businesses in the country and almost 45,000 employees. 

A wedding should be a day to remember for the couple and their family. Making the perfect choice from the list of romantic wedding hairstyles is crucial to achieving the perfect look. Keep reading to find out our top picks.

  1. Some Feminine Ribbons

A bride wants to highlight the best parts of her dress and stun everyone with her beautiful hair. A perfect choice to do this is to put ribbons in her hair.

This can be accomplished by tying it into a half-up style or around a ponytail. The ribbon can be made of lace or silk or a be a solid color to make your hairstyle pop. There are so many ways to incorporate ribbons into your hair as a bride and highlight all your feminine beauty. 

  1. A Side Braid Looks Beautiful 

A simple wedding dress can be elevated by a more detailed hairstyle. Especially if you’ll be wearing a strapless dress, a loose side braid can add some texture to your hair and showcase your delicate features. 

You can elevate the hair even further by adding flowers or some type of jewelry to your hair, pins, or a brooch, which will add some sparkle and make the style more romantic. 

  1. A Low Bun With Some Dimension

For the brides that want a romantic look that’s still comfortable, a low bun can look elegant while still keeping your hair out of your face. You can add some texture to the hairstyle by twisting different sections into the bun. 

This can help keep your hair in place while also leaving the details of the back of your wedding dress visible. 

  1. Flower Work for Long Hair

When you think about romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair, flowers probably come to mind first. What better way to showcase your natural beauty than incorporating nature’s most beautiful gifts into your hair? 

Your choice of flowers and how they’re placed depends on your style of wedding, dress, and what looks most esthetically pleasing in your hair. The flowers will draw attention to your beautiful long locks on your most important day. 

  1. An Elevated Ponytail

If you prefer to opt for a more minimalistic look for your wedding, a ponytail hairstyle is a perfect choice. A ponytail, when done right, can be the ideal romantic wedding hairstyle. 

A ponytail might seem simple for your wedding day but there are ways to elevate the hairdo to make it highlight your best features. Parting your hair on the side and pulling it back into a low pony and curling the tail can add some texture while keeping it simple. 

  1. A Coordinated Messy Chignon

Messy doesn’t sound like a good hairstyle for your wedding day but a contained messy hairdo can actually look beautiful and romantic. A messy, low chignon can add some great texture to your hair and keep it in place to make you feel more comfortable on your special day. 

This is a great choice for brides with medium length hair. They can opt to do something different by keeping it up instead of down while maintaining a dynamic style.  

  1. A Simple Donut Bun

This is the perfect choice on the list of romantic wedding updo hairstyles. A donut bun is a simple hairdo but a classy one.

If you have a more detailed dress, this is the best way to style your hair. A simple hairstyle is the right choice so the focus can be on your dress and on any one of these beautiful wedding bands you choose.

A donut bun is a perfect way to style your hair so you won’t have to spend the entire day worrying about your hair getting messy or in your face. 

  1. Adding a Vintage Hair Accessory Creates a Classic Look

Romantic vintage wedding hairstyles can make your special day even more memorable. If you want your look to be a blast from the past, or want to honor your mother or grandmother, choosing a vintage style is the way to go. 

Make the style more personable by doing a layered updo or a low bun and adding a vintage brooch that’s been passed down by generations of women in your family. Keep the family tradition and create a classic look for your wedding. 

  1. Curls Pushed to the Side

Curls pushed to the side is a great way to highlight your long, luscious locks. No extra adornment is needed for this look but you’ll need hair spray to make sure the style stays in place. If you’ll be having an indoor wedding then you shouldn’t have to worry much about the weather damaging your hairstyle. 

This hairstyle matches best with a mermaid style wedding dress. You’ll look stunning on your happiest day. 

  1. A Half up Look Can Wow Everyone

Romantic half up wedding hairstyles are a pretty popular choice. They allow the bride to feel some comfort with their hair secured back while still keeping some of their locks down. 

While this style might seem simple for your wedding day, you can elevate the hairdo by adding a beautiful tiara or adding some flowers to your hair. 

  1. A Bouffant Will Create an Old School Look

Sometimes reimagining a look from the past is a great way to capture the best of an era. A bouffant will give you that old school look from the ’60s and ’70s.

You can modernize it and make it your own by leaving some wavy strands of hair loose in the front. This style also looks beautiful under a wedding veil. 

The Best Romantic Wedding Hairstyles 

You want your wedding day to be the happiest day of your life. Everything should be perfect from the dress to the hair. The list above includes some ideas for great romantic wedding hairstyles you might want to use on your special day. 

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