10 Ways to Style Clothes with Patches

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The game of fashion and style continue to set new trends every year. Over decades, the fashion cycle seems to bring back the classic old magic, making a larger style statement.

Amongst the magical trends that continue to weave magic, the iconic ones are cloth patches. Patches continue to indicate personal style and identity. Fashion enthusiasts have always revived and adapted this quirky way of styling.

This 90s trend of embroidering patches onto your clothes is a way to create unique wardrobe pieces. It is a fun and fashionable way to relive those childhood days. Patches or cloth badges can be attached to a cloth by pinning or sewing. They turn out to be a quirky addition to any outfit. Apart from the traditional methods, you can style your clothes using modern methods.

Here are some quirky ways to style your old tees, jackets, denim pants, sneakers and revive the patch magic.


  1. Such Small Patches, Much Style Goals

 hippy look


Take your old tee or your favourite piece from your wardrobe. Find a motif you like, cut it and just paste it. You are all set to wear your quirky patched tee again. You can also incorporate the same into your jeans and jackets.


  1. Bored of Everyday Office Styles?



If you are among the one, who needs to pep up the office look, you can probably style your coats and blazers. Place a bunch of patches and pins on a simple blazer and you are ready to rock your office wear. You are sure to be the fashion icon your office

  1. Be Funky, Wear Funky

 hippy look, patches


Take out your old jeans, or the one you love to wear all time. Pick up your motifs; apply few funky patches on each leg or any one side. Your customized jeans are ready. Style it with a plain tee, a choker, and lace-up shoes.

  1. Obsessed with the Hippy Look? Get one

 hippy look


If you have always been obsessed with a hippy look, you can easily create your own. Add patches in forms of lollipops, rainbows, candies, clouds, and all such hippy styles to your jeans and denim jackets. Enjoy the hippy-ness.

  1. Change the Sneaker Game


Take your favourite plain white sneakers, and customize them with the all-what-you-ever-wanted look. Style up the pair with cute patches like flags, burgers, emojis and more. (Style tip – pair them along with your simple white tee and jeans) 

  1. Wish to be a Rockstar?


You can instantly get a rockstar look by patching and customizing your black/brown leather jacket. All you need to do is add a couple of patches on your sleeves or cover the entire jacket with studs, stars, and badges. This gives you a rich rock star look and you are ready to be the star of your party.

  1. Enrich the Denim Look

If denim is something you have always had an obsession with, you can enhance and enrich the denim magic with the custom patches. Be it those denim skirts or shirts, you can customize them with quirky patches like your favourite pizza, burger, and fries. They really look cute and cool and add up to be the interesting outfit.

  1. Fan of Cool Backpacks?


If you have always been a fan of cool backpacks, you can style them up with cloth badges. You can add travel, food, emoji patches to your backpacks and flaunt them with attitude.

  1. Get a Fancy Phone Case

You can now get a matching look for your phone cases too. You can add cool badges and patches to customize your phone cases.

  1. All Patchy, eh?

If you are too obsessed with customizing your wardrobe with cool studs and cloth patches, you can surely rock the look. You can add lots and lots of patches to your favourite white tee or your leather jackets. You are ready to be the queen/king of the patchy look!

Hope these tips help you to style your wardrobe and give you the quirkiest looks for any occasion. Keep the patchwork minimal and keep up with the trend.

Patch, style, and rock the look!

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