10 Tips You Should Follow To Keep Your Car Shining Forever

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Doesn’t it feel great when your car is super shiny and beautiful as soon as you buy it? There’s nothing quite like showing off your brand-new ride to your neighbors and everyone else on the road. However, over time, you’re going to notice that your car loses a bit of the shine. Whether that’s from the strains from severe weather or some rocks flying by on the road, there are plenty of ways that your car can start looking a little dull and roughed up.

The good news is that there are plenty of easy ways for you to ensure that your cars stays shiny and keeps looking good for well into the future. Keep reading down below to learn some more about this topic and how you can keep your car shining.

  1. Make Sure to Use a Car Cover

One of the first things you should do to ensure your car’s shine for many years to come is to use a car cover. When parking your car outside, why would you risk anything happening to it? Everything from the direct sunlight for extended periods of time to birds pooping all over it to someone coming up and directly damaging your car can happen when you leave your car uncovered. It’s best to make the simple investment in a car cover to cover up your car whenever you’re parking outside for extended periods of time. Your car is definitely going to thank you for it!

  1. A Nice and Thorough Wash Can Go a Long Way

When you’re thinking about keeping your car shining for a long time, you should firstly think about washing your car on a regular basis. Washing your car and properly maintaining the outside is crucial if you want to keep that shine. You should be aiming to give your car a quick wash every week or so and a more in-depth wash every two weeks. This is going to ensure that all of that dirt and debris get cleaned off and don’t stay on there too long to damage your paint. In addition to that, make sure you clear off all of that bird poop with water as soon as you notice it. This is going to ensure that it doesn’t hurt the paint too much.

  1. Drying Is Definitely Not Unnecessary

When washing your car, you might think that drying it is unnecessary. It’s already outside, so why not let nature do its job and dry it with air? Well, if you let your car dry naturally, this is going to leave water spots on the surface that will destroy all of your hard work. Plus, air drying your car can actually damage the paint more than you would think.

It’s best to use a micro-fiber cloth when you’re done washing your car to get all of that extra water off. A little extra effort is going to go a long way in this situation!

  1. Try A Clay Bar for Cleansing Purposes

Next up, now that you’re done with washing and drying off your car, there are some more steps you should take to keep up that shine. The first one is to use a clay bar to clean off those teeny tiny particles. There are going to be some debris on your car’s surface that you won’t even be able to see at first glance. That’s where a clay bar comes into play! This little cleaning device is going to get rid of all those tiny pieces of debris that can end up damaging your car’s surface in the end. You’re going to want to ensure that you follow up your clay bar with a nice wax to keep up that shininess.

  1. Always Wax Your Car After a Wash

Next up is a step that you should definitely be taking every time that you clean off your car. Waxing is something that many people see as unnecessary and extra when washing their car, but it’s definitely not. Waxing your car is like putting sunscreen on your body. Not only is it going to make your car super shiny and look great, it’s going to give the surface of the car a bit of extra protection from the sun’s UV rays and their damaging effects. Make sure to use a high-quality wax all over your car anytime that you wash it.

  1. Use Paint Protection Films

Another extra layer of protection you can add onto your car’s surface is a nice layer of paint protection film. This is going to be a bit more expensive than other items on this list, but paint protection films will stay on your car and provide protection for around 5 years. And think about that – that’s pretty much the lifetime of normal cars nowadays.

These protection films are basically tiny films of material that will protect your car’s surface from the debris on the road and adverse weather conditions. This protection will ensure your car’s surface stays safe and shiny for a long time.

  1. You Can Use Clear Coats

Most new cars are already going to come with clear coats that keep the paint looking super shiny and beautiful. This is something that you can regularly do to your car to make it look really professional and amazing. However, you should know that clear coats are not a substitute for a good wax job. Make sure that even if you have a clear coat on your car that you are regularly waxing it to keep up that protection and shine.

  1. Try Vinyl Wraps

Even after years, when you wrap up your car in a vinyl wrap, the paint is going to look absolutely amazing. The great thing about vinyl wraps is that they can give your car a new color shade, while providing the best protection for the paint and surface of your car. What more could you ask for than that? Try out a vinyl wrap if you want some serious protection on your baby.

  1. Protect Your Car from Brake and Gas-Related Risks

Even though you might think that the brake fluid and gas in your car will always stay on the inside, this isn’t always in the case. Sometimes these fluids can come into contact with your car’s surface (think about when you’re pumping gas) and can cause some serious problems for your car’s surface. Keep precaution whenever you are filling up your car at the gas tank and when you are topping off the brake fluid in your car. This will ensure that none of that fluid comes into contact with the surface and damages it.

  1. Avoid Rough Surface Driving

When you’re driving out there on the road, try to avoid driving on those roads that have rough surfaces. For example, if you are driving on a gravel road, there’s not much you can do about those rocks and debris flying up and damaging your car’s exterior. Try to avoid those types of roads or drive super carefully whenever you have to drive along one.

And there you have it! Make sure to keep all of these things in mind when you’re looking at keeping your car shining for years to come. Not only will these points do that, but they will also ensure that your stays with you for a much longer time than it otherwise would.

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