10 Tips on how to create great content online in 2018

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The importance of good content in growing your small business is undeniable. That is why here are 10 tips to help you create great content and use your social media to grow your audience.

  1. Find a catchy title

What is the first thing that draws attention to content online? A catchy headline, of course! Every minute spent brainstorming for an interesting title is a minute well spent. You can arm yourself on the internet, reading news, browsing, scrolling down your Instagram feed. Think about the newest puns, make the title stand out among many others. Avoid riddles and be straight to the point, as the headline must sum all of the content and make people want to read it. Ask yourself what kind of titles draw your attention and you will have the right answer.

  1. Follow trends

Just like in fashion and technology, content management encounters innovation as well. By following social media and what is popular on Instagram and Facebook, you create a base for your content. Research. This means learning about your audience and attracting traffic by posting what is currently the most interesting to your targeted audience. Also, make sure to learn the newest SEO tips and learn about new algorithms, as this can influence the traffic to your posts as well.

  1. Design your page and find your style

Give your business some style. Yes, we are talking here about choosing Instagram themes, Blog layouts, photos, typography and colors. To create good content it means more than just providing your audience with well written text. It also means making your small business come alive in a way, giving it some personality. And how to do that? Keep all your profiles well maintained and structured, neat, which means, everything you post needs to be posted in a similar style. That will be the identity of your business, and recognizable identity goes a long way. If you don’t have the time to maintain and manage all your social media pages social media management for small businesses is a great option. Content Mother offers these services and they can also help you with content creation and content marketing.

  1. Keep it simple and on point

Whether it is just a simple Instagram post which leads to your website or your blog post, the main rule in managing content online is making it understandable and simple. Most likely your audience is diverse and that means to be understandable, content must be written in a simple language, easy to read. Since the content can’t be personalized for every individual that visits your page, it is important to optimize the content for everybody to understand.

  1. The power of keywords and linking

Here are some SEO elements of good content every small business owner must know about, as this is going to affect the traffic to your social media, website and blog. Using the right keywords helps the audience to search for (and find) your content. And you sure want to have your content found, don’t you? Great content is content easy to find.

  1. Be helpful and make engaging content

Whatever your small business is about, nobody wants to read something they’ve read gazillion times before, and certainly not something that gives no valuable information.  Good content online makes people wonder and leaves an impression. It has the power to influence. Bad content goes unnoticed, and to make sure your posts are not among those bad ones, be precise and give some important information to your audience. If you sell products, make sure you give realistic descriptions. If you have a Lifestyle Blog, keep it engaging. Make people wonder. Make a structure and mark the most important points in your text and follow that structure.

  1. Pay attention to visual elements

Everyone loves a good photo. So why not use the power of photography for your Wedding Blog to improve your content and draw more audience. The good thing about having a nice photograph or illustration on your page is that photo lovers will likely be pleased to find it on their Pinterest boards and on Instagram. Always remember, great content includes both good text and good visual elements.

  1. Connect all your social media

If by any chance your social media is not connected to your business pages, brace yourself. Take a breather and go connect all your social media profiles. This means not only adding links, make sure you have your Pinterest and Instagram accounts linked, as these two are proven to be the most effective in popularizing your content online.

  1. Involve the audience

What is crucial to any small business owners is feedback. This doesn’t just mean feedback given by audience, but this goes both way round. Allow commenting and sharing your posts and involve your audience in creating your content and get them engaged. When you have a Parenting Blog ask yourself what would they like to see? What do they like the most about your posts? Ultimately, who can help you create good content better than your audience?

  1. Paragraphs, fonts and more

The element that must not be forgotten is how the text looks. Make sure to divide the text into sections, use subheadings and paragraphs. Use easy to read font and feel free to bold the most important parts. It will make your content online more readable, and therefore increase its quality. If you have other great content marketing tips share below!

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