10 Things Every Fashion Lover Should Have in Their Wardrobe

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People with a genuine passion for fashion are pegged with the same, eternal question every time they go shopping or open a fashion magazine – to buy or not to buy. If you are a proud member of the fashionista family, you know this to be true. No matter how many items are crammed in our wardrobes, there will always be room for one more. However, where there’s room for one, there is certainly room for ten. You definitely won’t be able to resist the items that have made it to our list of top ten must-haves, so let’s see what we have in store for you.

The three Cs


No one should live a life without the item that is corporate, chic and casual. In case you already own a black one, this is the perfect opportunity take a cue from this year’s NYFW and go bright. Marc Jacobs’ collection is an absolute heaven sent in this regard. On the other hand, if you like your blazers more subdued and less ‘out there’ the checkered pattern will elevate every outfit without seeming overwhelming.

Perfection or nothing

Jeans are lice couture – if they don’t fit perfectly, they’re a disaster. Look for the jeans most flattering for your body type and keep two things in mind – dark wash and straight leg yes, pale and ripped no. Classic always trumps novelty.

Red is the new black


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Fashion weeks have always dictated trends, and this year they’ve been more inspired and inspirational than ever. In the sea of colors and patterns during NYFW, red came out as the official color of fall 2017, and while ‘head to toe red’ would be hard to pull off in everyday life, a red fitted dress will flatter absolutely everyone, not to mention that with just one item you’ll make an incredible impact.

Here to stay

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Whether you’re the athletic type or not isn’t relevant anymore, everyone is welcome aboard the athleisure train. If velvet or satin tracksuits are far beyond your style comfort zone, you can still take advantage of this trend by simply incorporating sneakers with whichever combination you want, even a designer dress if you feel like it, so make sure to grab a pair of those shoes that are meant for walking.

Time for timeless

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Every fashionista has a weakness. For some, shoes are their kryptonite, for others, jewelry, dresses, and then there are bag lovers. They snag every new bag that comes their way because each new one was exactly what they were missing. Trendy bags are great, but what you really need is something luxurious, classic and timeless. That is why one of the gorgeous Italian leather handbags should most definitely be one of your investments. You know how the saying goes, trends come and go, but style is forever.

Stripe up!

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Another classic item that should skip no wardrobe is a striped long-sleeve blouse or cashmere sweater. Stripes have their moments of glory – they were huge this past summer, but what’s most appealing about them is that San Tropez luxury vibe they ooze, so in order to channel that old-school glamour, you simply need this.

Speaking of class(ics)

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If there is a piece of outerwear more classy, versatile and timeless than the trench coat, we are yet to find it, but for now, it is still an unrivaled champion. Why? Well, first of all – the classic and ever-flattering tailoring. Then, there is the unobtrusive elegance that elevates an outfit but doesn’t overshadow it. And finally, it meshes perfectly with everything you throw at it.

The visual scent

Many people believe that your fragrance is your signature. That may very well be true, and if you were looking for a palpable, visual signature, the perfect pair of shades that frame your face just right are it. More than just an accessory, your choice of eyewear speaks volumes of your style persona, so choose them carefully and try on as many as you want until you find the perfect pair.

A touch of decadence


Glitter boots are the talk of the town, that’s for sure. Yes, they’re decadent and definitely an indulgent item. If you crave them, you have the runway’s approval to go get them. Still, if you do fear that they will be a tad too much, red patent-leather ankle boots make for a perfect, toned-down alternative that will still make a statement.

Last but not least

Chunky statement necklaces are out, and that’s the final say. However, what we’ve pleasantly discovered is that ‘chunkiness’ isn’t necessary in order to make a statement. Minimal jewelry is in, and here to stay for at least another season or two, so grab that perfect gold or silver geometric necklace, and make that red dress pop even more.  

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