10 Sweet Solar Gadgets For The Tech-Savvy Outdoorsman

In this article you’re going to find 10 awesome solar gadgets for outdoor use. Before we start, let’s learn more about Chinavasion.com, an electronics and gadgets store based in China.

Can you tell us what’s special about your brand/business?
We’re passionate about cooperating with entrepreneurs worldwide to source and ship high quality electronics and gadgets.

What motivated you to start an eco-friendly business?
We’re inspired every day by all the conversations we have with entrepreneurs. As a business we have to listen to our customers, people who love to resell our products. Based on all the feedback received, there seems to be strong demand for eco-products, in particular those based on solar energy.

What green issues are you most passionate about?
We believe that any green issue is important. We aren’t focused on issues, but more on how we can solve those. From all the technologies out there we believe that solar tech products have the most potential.

What advice would you have for other aspiring social and green entrepreneurs?
Specialize. The eco-business is a big market, but you’ve to find a niche that suits you. Start with deciding on whether you want to be in the market of solar, wind or other kind of energy source. Then analyze the market to dive deeper into it. One important decision to make is whether you want to be in the B2B or B2C business. At last, it’s important to think about whether you want to offer certain services, such as installation, to complement the product.

What are the best solar gadgets for outdoor use?
If you’ve got camping in mind and are on the lookout for solar gadgets that will help out during your trip, then you’ll definitely want to keep this list handy as you shop around the Web:

  1. Foldable Solar Panel – if you need to juice up your other gadgets with electricity, a foldable solar panel will allow you to capture as much energy as you can without bulking up your kit. Unfold when setting up camp or taking a break, and fold up when you’re about to move out again. Simple as that.
  2. Adapter Tip Belt – this goes extremely well with the aforementioned foldable solar panel. This belt will ensure that any gadgets you or your companions bring will be able to hook up to your panels. Nobody wants to find themselves with a great solar charger but no way to actually tap into the power it’s producing.
  3. Solar Backpack–the solar backpack is the perfect way to charge your regular and solar gadgets even while on the go. This is particularly useful for the avid hiker that only stops moving to set up camp just before the sun goes down. You can at least charge a few gadgets as you go trudging around under the sun.
  4. Solar Power Bank – solar power banks allow you to store up electricity for future, whether from a wall outlet or from the sun’s rays. You can even double up on generating solar power by hooking it up to your solar backpack or foldable solar panel.
  5. Thermal Bag with Solar Panel–if you’re going to lug around a cooler to keep food fresh and your drinks cool, why not charge your gadgets while doing so? More sources of renewable energy, more power for your gadgets!
  6. Solar LED Light – these particular solar gadgets are useful because of how LED lights consume so little energy while still managing to emit light that’s bright enough for all-around use. These solar gizmos come in various forms, such as but not limited to lanterns, flashlights or head-mounted lights.
  7. Solar Bug Zapper – if you’re heading into areas where swarms of bugs (especially mosquitoes) are a problem, then these solar gadgets ought to help clear the air around you. Just let them sit under the sun and set them out at night to zap those bugs that just won’t leave you alone.
  8. Solar Fire Starter – did you ever scorch stuff with a magnifying glass when you were younger? Well, these particular solar gadgets are designed to do just that – start a fire without much of a headache. All you need to do is focus the reflective dish toward the sun, and it’ll concentrate the sun’s rays in a way that quickly and efficiently starts a fire.
  9. Solar Kettle–these solar-powered kettles are a great way to boil water using only the power of the sun. Fill them with water, set them out, let them soak the sun’s rays and you’ll have boiling water that’s great for coffee, tea, instant noodles or boiled eggs! Some kettles also double as thermostats – allowing you to keep the water hot enough for drinks even after the sun’s been out for a few hours.
  10. Solar Shower Bag – exploring the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the invigorating and comforting effects of a warm shower. These bags are a painless and self-sustaining way of heating water using nothing but the sun. This solar gadget’s heat-absorptive materials will allow it to heat the water contained within, and all you need to do is hang it on a branch to get some hot water to wash you down after a long day’s hike!

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