10 Summer Beach Wedding Ideas and Tips

Who loves summer weddings? If you’re just like me raising my hand and shouting ‘Me!’, then you’re in for a treat! There are so many things to consider when planning to have a summer wedding and so many inspirations to choose from but there are some essential summer wedding tips that you need to think through before you go deeper into the planning process. Today, I want to share a few ideas that’ll help make your wedding day even more perfect!

1. Choose A Light-Weight Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress plays such a big role in your wedding- it can dictate your bridal look and how everything will fall perfectly into place. Which is why choosing the best and appropriate wardrobe for every event seems paramount. When considering to have a summer wedding, choosing a light-weight wedding dress will not only allow the bride to move freely but also help keep her cool during the entire event. I personally love Pronovias wedding dresses because of their wide selection of quality dresses. I’ve had lots of fun browsing their catalog looking for the perfect beach bridal dress to buy.

2. Gift Bags for Guests

Gift bags are a great way to welcome guests to your wedding; many likely traveled for a long distance and spent a lot of money just to be with you. That’s why welcoming them with a thank you gift from the get-go would lighten up their mood. Include beach-worthy things such as sunglasses, sunscreen or flip-flops that they could use during and after your big day.


3. A Wedding Cake with Ocean Blue Look

Most brides are quick to order a beach-themed cake with decorations such as corals, starfishes, -seashells, and anchors. But always remember that less is more! Have your wedding cake in ocean blue color without any additions and you’ll have that beach vibe without going over the top.


4. Fans To Keep Guests Cool

It’s summer and it’ll be sunny! No one wants aunt Jane to overheat and get sunburnt so prepare some beach hats and some hand fans. You can place them in baskets so your guests can use them whenever needed.


5. Light up Your Evening with Lanterns or Candles

Nothing can make a wedding extra romantic than lanterns or candles lit along the seaside or along the aisle; this looks perfect after the sun goes down. You can even get personalized lanterns with your names and wedding date to give away as gifts for your guests after the celebration. A perfect touch for a beach wedding.


6. Beautiful Barefoot Sandals

The barefoot sandals are a perfect way to accessorize the bride’s feet as well as the rest of the guests. They are a dainty and interesting addition to every beach wedding giveaway and a must-wear on the sand instead of plain feet.


7. Shabby Chic or Vintage-Inspired Wedding

While most brides rush to choose nautical decoration stuff, shabby or vintage-inspired wedding look is a great beach wedding idea.


8. Green Flowers

The green bouquet is beautiful in a beach wedding. It adds contrast to the sunny-colored sand. All brightly colored blooms appear to compete with the sunshine and white sand on the beach, but a green bouquet will definitely stand-out!


9. Wooden Brushes to Clean Off the Sand

Your guests will need to wipe off the sand from their feet and having some wooden paint brushes will surely come in handy. They can easily brush off the sand so that it won’t slip into their shoes after the celebration.


10. Centerpieces

Centerpieces add some magic in a wedding. Muted tones are perfect for a seaside wedding and will light up every table and set a celebration mood.


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